Looking for an Income in the Philippines?

You Need Money to Live in the Philippines!

If you have done any research into living in the Philippines, and you are looking for an income to support you and your loved one(s), you will have already learned that job opportunities are scarce to almost non-existent. While some expats might choose to gamble with opening a sari-sari store, some might raise pigs or chickens. There is always rice and copra (coconut) investments that can provide a good return on investment, but the returns can be heavily dependent on the weather and storms. Then there is the cantina or restaurant business – one of the highest risk businesses there are – anywhere! Owning and operating an eatery is a really tough gig. Most foreigner business ventures in the Philippines are extremely HIGH RISK! There are substantially more failures than success stories.

While some expats arrive with a wad of money and loose it, other expats might get involved online with a myriad of opportunities from programming and website development to teaching English online to Koreans. Some expats might dabble with blogging and vlogging (like me).

Whatever the case, anyone coming to the Philippines to live will need an income. Many retirees bring it with them, maybe in the form of a pension or retirement. Some already have an online income working for them before they cross the pond. Those too young to retire, well… they are the ones that will need a cash flow to survive. The level of income one needs is a very subjective topic and depends entirely on ones lifestyle and expectations.

Need Supplemental Income?

If you already have a pension or income established, or maybe you are looking for some supplemental income, one way is through online “content creation.” Okay, you might be thinking that it is nothing more than a fancy word for blogging, but blogging these days has morphed into something much more encompassing. Blogging today can range from full-fledged writing to just uploading a couple of photos to an online photography group somewhere. It is all considered content creation.

Oh No, Not Blogging!

Don’t freak out yet! In the past, to be a successful blogger, one would need a nicely designed website, a domain name, and someone to host that site on a server somewhere. Of course if you had the wherewithal to do it yourself, you could even make more than you spent. But if not, there are costs involved in maintaining a blog and website. Sure, some simple websites sites are free, but most of the better sites that offer monetization opportunities may not be. In any case, you will still need a domain name and someone to host, and manage the site if you are not capable.

Stay with me here – As a blogger, there is a host of blogging networks that you can participate in, most with some form of cost basis. Many offer or entice you with income producing opportunities, but none of them are close to what I am about to introduce you to.  I want to share with you a new type of blogging platform that costs absolutely nothing… except your time. And if you are going to live in the Philippines, you will have an abundance of that commodity. With this site, you can forgo all that technical stuff that costs money and just be creative. 

Blockchain Technology

Introducing STEEMIT.com, blockchain technology powered. social media blogging platform that uses cryptocurrency to reward users who upload articles, images, commentary, etc. Other ways users can get paid is through sourcing and up-voting popular content. Just imagine getting paid for everything you post on Facebook! I will caution you though, you must take the red pill and enter the rabbit hole. If you have never learned about cryptocurrencies, it is best to start there. There are hundreds of articles and videos which explain blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Having a basic understanding of virtual currency is a good basis for learning Steemit, not required, but beneficial. Below, I have included two video links should you feel like learning more about this wonderful opportunity. 


Nothing is easy these days and if it were, everyone would be doing it. And on the technology front?… as the old adage about playing the lotto goes – “The odds of winning are much greater if you DON’T play!” it’s a good analogy. Visit, log on to Steemit and learn how you can create an income (not to mention wealth). Join us there and create something… anything. You can also vote for your favorite stories, articles, photos or art. And the best part, you get rewarded for all your participation. 

You can find me on Steemit.com at this handle: @retiredinsamar . There you can upvote or curate my content and earn! Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Steemit’s potential for success is considered great (in the cryptocurrency world by many crypto experts)… it all depends on how well you fare in that rabbit hole! While I can only suggest this as an opportunity to develop an income stream, it is not some get-rick-quick scheme. It does take a level of committment and effort for success. But in my honest opinion, it is an opportunity that offers the best success chances going. Personally for me, I have been using Bitcoin to pay some of my bills in the Philippines, and more specifically, all my Globe bills and all phone loading. Whether I’m paying my internet bill or sending a load to a niece or nephew, I pay with Bitcoin and always get a rebate!  As someone who has been blogging for going on 10 years, I’m all in with Steemit. I just wish it had come along much sooner.