Looking for a Hotel near NAIA – Manila?

Salem International Complex
Salem International Complex

Budget Hotel Near Airport

As much as I’ve traveled here in the Philippines, I don’t know why it took me so long to find a permanent hotel site where I can stay with confidence and relative safety. Many times I will fly in and out of Manila and I have stayed at several of the hotels in the vicinity of the airport. In the past, if I was waiting overnight for a flight and had time to kill, I would stay at the Crosswinds Hotel located halfway between NAIA and the SM Mall of Asia. Earlier this year, I arrived in Manila with a short overnight stay before catching a flight to Palau. I didn’t feel much like shopping or trouncing around at the mall to kill time, so I trusted a cab driver’s recommendation (which I would have never done in years past) to visit a place called Roger’s Place Hotel. He guaranteed me that I would like it (red flag?) and my gut instinct told me to trust him…so we headed off around the airport to Domestic Road, directly across from the old Domestic Terminal (Terminal 4) and the Cebu Pacific Building. Once we arrived at the security gate (gated plaza), I quickly recognized it as the same place that we met relatives a couple of years ago where we ate and waited for an early morning flight to Samar.

Rogers Place Hotel
Rogers Place Hotel

What is unique about this place is that it is located within the Salem International Complex in Pasay,  on the east side of NAIA, which includes a good many shops, eateries, a few restobars and a sports bar (Uno-Deuce). I’ve noticed that many flight crews hang out and bunk overnight here also.

Standard Room
Standard Room

 Now, to anyone that is looking for a 4 or 5 star  hotel, I might suggest you stop  reading right  here. This is not the place for you. But, if you  have travelled around  in the Philippines before,  and know what to expect from a “budget” hotel,  you  won’t  be disappointed. Of course, you  can read the reviews for yourself and they  seem to be split pretty evenly. Half of the write-ups seem to be fully satisfied  with the room  and  amenities while the other half of the  visitors (those 5-star expectancy types) were  obviously frustrated that their (P2,650) $59  room did not have  a jacuzzi and wine service.


For those who are familiar with prices of budget hotels around the airport, $60 per  night is definitely not in the outrageous category. Drive 30 minutes to the east  and south and you might just save $10 to $15 on a room but then it will also cost  you time and additional cab fare. Head west or north towards manila and you can expect on spending upwards of P4,000 per night just for the room. At Rogers, I can usually haggle a standard room down to P2,600 from the published price of P2,800. Always check the room, towels, shower, sink, etc. before accepting it (as you should do anywhere in the Philippines).

Cab fare from Terminal 3 to the Sampson Complex will run about P100 to P150 depending on traffic (about 10 minutes normally). The hotel has a free shuttle service back to the airport whenever you need it. Rogers Place also provides a complimentary breakfast in the morning at the restaurant next door. Amenities at the hotel include:

  • 24-hour front desk
  • 24-hour room service
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Airport shuttle
  • Business center
  • Car hire
  • Car park
  • Elevator
  • Shops
  • Massage

In addition to hotel services, there is a Western Union and money exchange in the lobby. Within the security gated complex you will find the eateries Mang Inasal, Yang Chow Chinese/Filipino, Jollibee’s, Shakey’s, Uno-Dos (sushi bar and separate sports bar), nice Coffee Shop, Swedish Massage parlor, other local hot food eateries, and a videoke bar or two. You will also find a Quick Stop convenience store, a hair salon, and a Metrobank. There is also a dental clinic just in case you have a lot of time to kill!

Uno - Dos Sports Bar
Uno – Dos Sports Bar

If all you are looking for is a comfortable air-conditioned place to rest your head for a reasonable price, then Roger’s Place might just suit you. And if you have a little more time to spare, you might just get in few cold beers and a game of darts or billiards at DOS (Uno-Dos).

2 thoughts on “Looking for a Hotel near NAIA – Manila?

  1. Hey there RIS.
    Nice to hear from you again. Sounds like you’re getting settled in. I was wondering how much you paid to have your belongings shipped? I am waiting on quotes from several different companies. How’s everything going? I can’t wait to have a few SM..’s on the beach with y’all. That will be a real hoot. Is there anything you miss from over here? Just curious.
    Have a great day. Talk to ya soon.

  2. Hi John, are you headed to Samar? We shipped a 20′ container and an 8′ crate from Tupelo, MS to Calbayog City in Samar for a total of $12,000. That included everything including port storage, demurrage charges, and Consignee fees for all the paperworks. I just wrote a piece about shipping – What to Bring, What not to Bring….you should visit that. We used Allied Movers. Make sure you get your 13A Visa done before you come this way. It provides you a full exemption on import taxes.

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