3 thoughts on “Living in the Domain of the Golden Dragon

  1. Nice story Randy. I have not seen the original on Dave’s site though. I often thought of skiing, snorkeling and/or diving, but have never done either one. Cliff diving was never one of my desires though. I do enjoy tubing, but haven’t done that for awhile, but I think I still could if the opportunity arose. I’m not much of a fisherman either, but thought about deep sea fishing on occasion.
    I notice that your picture of Metro Manila does not show. Maybe you should re-post it.
    You talk about the Philippines being Guam on steroids and I think that you are like me on steroids (only mentally), because we think a like, but you actually go out and do things while I usually only dream of doing them. Who knows, maybe I’ll get me some of those mental steroids and actually get out and do some things soon. I’m sure it would take very little prodding to get me to do some of these things, but the people that I am around do not do them nor have a desire to do them.
    Oh a zip line, of which the have several of here, is something else I’d like to experience. I just hope it will hold me.

  2. John, I did many of those things a hundred years ago. Doesn’t mean I could do them today! Ha. I could still be up for some snorkeling or fishing though.

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