Living in Some Places Can Cost You an Arm and a Leg.

But if you are a grasshopper and choose to live around cats, it will only cost you a leg!

We have been cat owners most of our lives. We have taken in 13 cats over the last 28 years and gave each one of them a good home. Here in the Philippines, we brought one with us from the U.S. and have adopted two others. Although we have never had more than 4 cats at any one time, one thing we have noticed that they all have something in common – that is when they confront (torment) a grasshopper for their enjoyment, they never kill the poor thing… they just remove one leg which gives the tired (or lazy) cat a “handicapped” advantage in re-capturing their little hopping toy! Every cat we have ever had seems to know this little trick and it makes me wonder… what do cats “really” know?

Even our three resident cats here in Samar know little tricks on how to keep their prey close at hand. Not only do we have one-legged grasshoppers in our yard, we have many geckos with missing legs and tails. Life as a small critter in our compound is difficult!