Live in the Philippines with Cryptocurrency? What Does the Future Hold?

First, Think Income!

I’ve talked about it in the past. Many times. Many other bloggers have concurred. If you want to live in the Philippines, you will need an income… and to be secure, you will need to bring that income from outside the Philippines.

It’s true that some guys will head to the Philippines with a boat-load of money thinking they can start a business here, but the bottom line here is the MAJORITY succeed only at creating a small fortune… after starting out with a big one! Business failures are very high in the Philippines and the odds are stacked against you before you even step off the plane.

Previously I’ve discussed generating incomes through online efforts, but that is not an easy task, unless you are already well established prior to landing here. If you haven’t read my article about What you Should know about Online Incomes… in the Philippines, please check it out.

Now, just as the internet keeps evolving (enter Blockchain and Hashgraph technologies), so too goes income producing opportunities, on and off-line. Blogging opportunities still exist, but the tide has turned on that opportunity. Not in a bad way, just a different way. You can read about how blogging is evolving using blockchain technology – Looking For an Income in the Philippines?.

Just as sure as the sun rises and falls, change keeps coming. Whether you are indoctrinated in the world of cryptocurrency (aka Bitcoin and Altcoins) or not, this technology is moving so fast that income opportunities are being created almost overnight. Enter: The Future – A Tokenized World… where you get paid for doing things. Many things!

At this point, you might have heard that “Blockchain Technology” is taking over and at this point, cannot be disputed. Banks are scrambling to develop the blockchain to manage transactions and lower costs. Logistics companies are turning to the blockchain to manage supply lines. Using this same technology, MIT has become one of the first universities to issue recipient-owned virtual credentials (diplomas).

What does this all mean? It all points to a world where tokens will be the norm. We are already experiencing this phenomenon. Take for example, a blockchain based blogging platform I wrote about earlier (above link). Participation on this social media site is rewarded unlike other sites like Facebook and Twitter, which reward the owners (or Wall Street).

Some of the open-source, blockchain platforms currently being developed include:

  • Search
  • Radio
  • Storage
  • Social Media
  • Web Browsing
  • Messaging
  • Shopping

We are already witnessing the foundations of this transformation taking place. On Steemit, we are compensated for posting, commenting and up-voting. Our attention on this social media platform is rewarded unlike other social media sites which rewards the owners (or Wall Street). Fortunately, for all of us, this idea is being expanded into many areas.

Note: Did you know using an online company called, you can use Bitcoin to pay all types of bills, secure phone loads, or send remittances while in the Philippines or anywhere for that matter? I use bitcoin to pay my internet and telecom bills online and even send a phone load to nieces and nephews now and then as a surprise… and I get rebates!

 And don’t think for one minute the Philippines is not onboard with Crypto!

Most Recent Player on Philippines Crypto Scene


The Future… Remember the Future?

It’s here. Basically what is happening is that our future world will become tokenized – where you are paid for what you do and what you watch. If a company wants you to see an ad, they will have to pay you. The ecosystem concept (the internet we currently understand) is being replaced by the blockchain. Now, all those dollars that went to large corporations will begin to flow to individuals.

We Have the Power… or will have soon.

This is the power of cryptocurrencies. If Amazon wants me on their website, they will issue me tokens for just being on their site. The same holds true for Netflix. They better give me a reason to spend time on there over Hulu. Whatever we do as individuals will be compensated. Steem issues tokens for participation. Tokens that are converted to dollars on the open market. Steem tokens are also being utilized by other platform developers to launch their software applications because it is cheaper to use an existing token rather than to create an entirely new crypto coin. The use of tokens will spread across the internet in the next 5 years.

Our world is changing very rapidly. Some believe that we will see staggering advancements in blockchain adoption in 2018. This is great news for everyday individuals because we will see the power over the online world begin to shift over to the user’s control. This is just the beginning. Within the next few years, many people will experience multiple streams of income. Some envision a day where the typical person will have we have 50-100 income streams. More of our world is going digital which means that we have the ability to get tokens for whatever takes place in that form. Think about all the medical records that have a value to researchers. For them to use it, guess what happens? You got it… tokens in return.

So here is what I am suggesting: If you want to retire and live abroad, look into these current and expanding technologies. Don’t get stuck in the yesteryear way of creating an income. Forget the sari-sari store unless you can live on peanuts and sardines. Investing your time now to learn where the world and technology is headed will pay dividends in the near future. Learing where to invest some money into these technologies now may pay you dividends forever! Dividends that can make living in the Philippines even more enjoyable.

Where do you start? is a good place where many tech savy people present easy to read articles about the new world technologies that lay ahead. You can use the search box (magnifying glass) at the top of my home page HERE to search for any topic. Or you can simply browse the site for anything that interests you.


I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was 1974 and we were standing the night watch at the Fleet Weather Center in Guam. That evening, a young watch officer explained (to those of us who would listen) about futuristic things, like the changing technology of computer chips. He explained how some day in the not-so-distant future that a computer memory chip would be smaller than the size of a fig-newton cookie. He also suggested investing in that technology by purchasing a certain company’s penny-stock – at that time at a cost of about .005 cents per share. The company – Intel Corp. To this day, I still have a permanent bruise on my arse!

Me back in the day when a single computer filled an entire room!



Disclaimer: none of this should be taken as trading or investment advice… just random musings from a complete stranger online!



Tape readers that fed data into the mainframe computer. Today we use a USB!