Live in the Philippines – Live Without Sports!

No Baseball! No Football!

Living in the Philippines does not come without certain challenges, especially if you are a sports fan and regardless of where you might hail from. For me, a life-long Chicago Cubs baseball fan, I was beside myself (literally) when the Cubs finally made it to the World Series (last fall 2016) for the first time in 71 years. The last time they won the World Series was in 1908, or about 107 years ago. The challenge to me was how (or where) I was going to watch the series play out? I settled on using my internet and a paid subscription.

For this Cubs fan, the tricky part was trying to figure out how to stream the series to my TV with the slowest internet in the world (the Philippines is a major contender in the category of sloooow internet). But I purchased the online subscription to for the series anyway, not knowing how effective it would be. Little did I know (nor did I learn until the last-minute) that the series was to be televised on FOX Sports 2 by our cable service provider. Because FOX did not publish the schedule up until the last possible moment before airing, it cost me the price of the online subscription. Hey I thought, if the Cable went out, at least I would have the pricey internet subscription as a back-up. Then the additional thoughts of having a battery back-up for the computer, and worse case scenario, enough diesel fuel to keep the generator running if a brown-out (black out) happens to occur.

Cubs Win!

Everyone knows by now (well almost everyone) that the Cubbies actually won the best of seven games contest in last year’s Fall Classic by beating the Cleveland Indians in game 7. The Indians are now the team with the longest span without a World Series title since last winning it in 1948.

WS champions.jpg

Anyhooo… after winning the National League Championships, and the Cubs were officially on the way to the World Series, I took to the streets in celebration of a dream come true. Only one problem – Nobody that lives in my village knows who the Chicago Cubs are, let alone do they even know much about the game of baseball. Now ask anybody about Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant and they can provide you with a range of statistics! But baseball… phooey. Live in this country and you will starve for sports. (Unless you take up Badminton or Basketball!)

So I hit the street nonetheless and did get some video of some “non-fan” reactions and had me some fun while doing it. I was determined to celebrate one way or another, whether anyone wanted to celebrate with me or not.

At least I had my wife with me to enjoy a couple of beers with me that evening, even if she doesn’t know anything about baseball!

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