I Live in the Philippines and I VLOG!

What To Do?

Many times on this blog I have suggested that if anybody should come to the Philippines to live, they must have something in mind to keep them busy. Living a sedentary lifestyle in general is not very healthy. Living a sedentary lifestyle in the Philippines can be even more unhealthy and can also drive one stir crazy –  which can further lead you to become what the Urban Dictionary describes as “Batsh*t Crazy.” 

Play Frisbee?

Related to the process of keeping in good health (and spirit), there are a number of activities that one can do to stay busy. From gardening or fishing to farming or photography.  Have a desire to do arts and crafts? Bring your hobby with you!  Other active lifestyles can include swimming, snorkeling or diving, biking, hiking, badminton, or maybe just tossing the Frisbee around at the beach (bring your own Frisbees!).  In some areas you can golf or go sailing. Throw in a few fiestas, and a few rounds of beers with the buddies and you can enjoy a well-rounded and relaxing lifestyle that can help you keep your health and your sanity.

Do Something… Anything!


There are other activities like writing or “Blogging” (which you already know I blog if you are here on my site reading this) that helps keep me busy. It’s good for the mind they say anyway. A few years ago I created a YouTube channel and started posting videos. At the time, video production frustrated me mostly because of the slow internet upload speeds. It seemed like it took forever to create a video and I didn’t feel like wasting my time. Back then I was a “rookie retiree” and hadn’t really shifted into low gear yet. After producing a few videos, I stepped down as self-made movie producer and shifted all efforts to my blog.  After nearly three years of living here, I know how to better pace myself in my retirement. I’ve come to the realization that “Time” is all I got left so I have learned to take it slow and enjoy it. I no longer am in a hurry to do nothing. I’ve also learned to NEVER plan more than one thing per day!  So now that I have slowed way down, there has been this tendency to become more sedentary again with all the blogging. So, I’ve chosen to do some more videos, or “Vlogging” (video blogging) as it’s called. It still takes time to produce a video, but because I have learned to take things much slower, the slow uploads don’t bother me as much (the power outages do though!) Truth is, I think I forgot how fast the internet can be here in Samar. Taking videos gets me outdoors, on my bike or in the car, and out and about. It beats sitting in the chair for hours on end.

All blogs start here
My Blogging started here

What keeps a Blogger or Vlogger going?

While you can make a little income from monetizing a blog/vlog platform, it’s definitely not the money that helps maintain a Blogger’s spirit. It’s the creativity aspect that is fulfilling. It’s the satisfaction of producing something of value to somebody else. It is new subscribers and new YouTube viewers. When people take the time to leave comments, it is sort of like a reward in and of itself. It is many things that keep a blogger going, but it’s rarely the money. I remember when I was in the “Before Paradise” mode, I would read all the blogs and watch as many videos as I could to gain a better understanding of the choice we made to return to the Philippines to live. It had been over 28 years since we lived here and things have definitely changed. Blogs and videos helped us to better understand what to expect.

Your Thoughts?

As a reader, or subscriber to blogs and vlogs, how do you feel about it? Are they helpful? Are they realistic? Have they helped to affirm your decision to move to the Philippines or alleviate your fears? I would like to know. Your input will help me to create a better blog. Want more videos? Tell me what you want to see and if it is possible, I will do it. (I don’t climb coconut trees nor do I do any cliff diving!) Also, please don’t forget to Subscribe to my blog and Youtube channel. Your subscriptions help to motivate me. Your participation is what keeps me going!

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To do nothing and then rest afterwards. Ahhh!
To do nothing and then rest afterwards. Ahhh!

13 thoughts on “I Live in the Philippines and I VLOG!

  1. always happy to receive your blog’s in my E-mail
    it is a very informative, funny and a great way to understand how is the life in the Philippines
    of course, videos expand the real vision and senses to what is real, not underestimating your great writing
    I appreciate much all you do, and again state it will be a great pleasure to meet you one day in your island.
    great job …..

  2. Wow, it’s been 3 yrs already, my how time fly’s. Seems just like yesterday I was ready about you and Tere backing up and moving, getting settled in and working on the house while living with family. Yup, time not standing still.

    I enjoy reading about the life in Calbayog and videos on PI in general.

    My wife and I still plan on retiring to Calbayog, but not for a few more years, right now the grandkids need their Lola, and Lola really enjoys our time with the grandkids.

  3. Thanks very much Gustavo. While writing is satisfying, video making is more fun. Now if only I had the courage to shoot nothing but woman! lol

  4. I can understand that Rich. Soon one day too you will be packing up and heading this way. I was just chatting with another fellow I’ve already met through my blogging, about how I remember him saying he would be retiring in a couple years and moving to the Island. He arrives tomorrow for good! Yes time does go by rather quickly these days! Hurry up!!!

  5. Yes – your blog helped me already 3 years ago when you explained what I need to do to get my dog in to the country – nobody else was able to do that. So I have been full time in Philippines about the same time as you. So keep up the good work!

  6. That’s great Kalle, happy to help. Where in the Philippines did you settle? Hope your dog is doing fine. We lost one of the two cats we brought with us the first year here. But it’s okay. We have learned over the years that you cannot replace a beloved pet, you can only substitute!

  7. Thanks all is yes good. We are in Manila. Dog seems happy although it lost a bit of its color moving from Nordic climate to tropic – but it enjoys the sun!

  8. Always happy to read your blogs. You always have a lot of good info for anyone considering moving to the Philippines or as some of us like to call paradise. Me and my wife have been in the planning process for are move for a few years. We have are house built and have bought a small rice field and farm with a big garden area to keep us busy as we both enjoy gardening. We have purchased a lot of flower and vegetable seeds to take over.
    We have sold are house here and plan on closing on it in July. Wife has applied and will be receiving her dual citizenship next month. And then it will be time to get my 13a visa. ( how long did you have to get to the Philippines after your 13a was approved) We are still undecided about the dog she is 14 years old I’ve increased her bacon intake but I’m starting to think it’s extending her life HAHAHA…..
    Will gladly take any advice we can recieve about are move.
    Have a great day keep up the post and hope to get over to visit you someday.

  9. Hi Roger. Happy to hear you got your house sold. That was the only thing that was holding us back. Closing day will be like a breath of fresh air. I believe you have 6 months to depart or your 13A becomes invalid… not real sure though. Always good to check with the local embassy that you will be using to process the 13A. Once here, you can immediatly apply for your Permanent resident status and begin the ACR-I card process. You don’t need to wait the probationary 1 year like those who obtain their 13A’s in country. As far as the pet is concerned, that needs to remain your call. We know how hard it is because we put down to sibling cats that were 17yo. The 9yo Siamese we brought with us died within the first year here. We still don’t know why. The other cat is doing fine. Tough decision either way! The only suggestion I can make now is to purchase a good quality pots/pans set, a good cutlery set, and dump all the 110V stuff. It will not last over here. Stock up on hard to get spices like Fennel Seed, Caraway Seed, Cayenne pepper, and Italian Seasonings. Like your aftershave? Bring extra! I’m not sure of your size but underwear and shorts and T-shirts are difficult to find in larger sizes (normal sizes). Oh, rechargeble batteries and a good charger unit for mostly “AA” “AAA” and “D”. Really it all depends on where you are headed in the Philippines.

  10. Thanks for all the suggestions on things to ship. We have already planned to take all are kitchen pans. And cutlery set. We have been taking a lot of clothes over with us on are trips and leaving them there. Will definitely be stocking up on spices. Have battery charger already there will need to stock me some good chargeable batteries. I’m sure once there we will think of something we should have bought with us. Thankfully wife has a sister in Washington state to send us BB boxes.
    Your right the dog is a big dicission…..

  11. Sounds like you have a plan. If I think of anything else, I will let you know. Living in the NCR though, you should not want for anything.

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