Life Is Cheesey!

Another Mango Moment.

Magnolia Brand "Pasteurized" Cheese
Magnolia Brand “Pasteurized” Cheese

I went to the grocery store in Calbayog City today to pick up some cheese for our occasional afternoon (marienda) grilled cheese snacks. While staring at the shelf which held the only two brands of cheese available (Eden and Magnolia), I asked the stock clerk that was standing there “where is the good cheese?” He pointed to the Magnolia brand, and knowing that my wife always buys the Kraft brand (which was out of stock), I said “No, I want the good cheese!” He replied by picking up the Magnolia and saying “this [is] good cheese. I then asked “is this REAL cheddar cheese?”  He carefully looked over the entire box then responded while pointing to the box, “no, here…it is pasteurized!”

Communications….it’s just More Fun in the Philippines!

  Not a Fan of this stuff. 
My Favorite!