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It’s what one does when the going gets overly tough, or the outlook in a given situation becomes bleak or filled with uncertainty. In General George Armstrong Custer’s case (famous American Calvary commander), an early retreat prior to the Battle of Little Bighorn, which cost him his life, would have had a significant impact on history. But with much profit to be made in the production of American history books, General Custard had to die. I mean if General Custer would not have died at Little Bighorn, I wouldn’t be talking about it, right?

In our case, the Indians are not coming, nor are the Chinese or North Koreans. And although we are not forced to retreat from the Philippines, we have reached a point where Teri needs to take on the task of obtaining her U.S citizenship (why she didn’t do this over the course of the last 27 years living in the U.S. is… well, I can’t say it). And because we will need to set up for a minimum length of time on American soil to re-establish her residency, the idea exists that we could very well stay longer and travel at will back and forth from Guam to the Visayas. And in that case, it would be a sort of “retreat” from the retired life of living in the Philippines. Nonetheless, it adds up to a new challenge and I’ve always been one to accept a good challenge… or three. Besides, in my later years, I only got a few challenges left in me.

So it has been formally decided that Retired in Samar will undergo a slight revision in the title: Retired in Samar – Occasionally (only on the Facebook page… the Blog title and Domain Name and YouTube channel will not change!) I could even stretch the new title to read “Retired in Samar – Living on Guam,” but I’ll wait.

Where America’s Day Begins

Even though we have decided to move to Guam to re-establish our residency, it won’t be like moving back to the U.S. We will be remaining in the Domain of the Golden Dragon (on this, the western side of the International Date Line).  We will be establishing our residency in Guam, which by the way, is where “America’s Day Begins” (for those that might be even slightly geographically challenged). My wife cares nothing about that stuff… but she is quick to know all the store operating hours and ZUMBA start times like I know the tide tables and sun angles, which I do!

Now that our expansion and construction project is finished on the house in the Philippines, the house will be care-taken by Teri’s sister and her husband. They will watch, protect our belongings and our animals.
So, the decision to move prompted another decision: when to do it?  We both agreed that since we were in Manila at the time, I could leave early and pave the way. Teri would then venture on to Mariveles, Bataan to visit her other two sisters, and then head back to Samar to begin packing all that we need, to settle on Guam. If you have been a follower of my blog or YouTube channel, you will know that we shipped our entire household to the Philippines in 2013 and now we will split up some things and bring them to Guam.

We will still consider our home in the Philippines our true home and will now refer to it as our “Home Sweet Home – Away from Home!” We will look forward to traveling more and spending time there when we feel the desire to go home.  We will live in Guam and travel home to the Philippines whenever the desire hits… like a vacation from retirement…at any time we feel the need. My initial thoughts are to continue writing about life in the Philippines and I ask that all my blog and YouTube subscribers come along for the ride. It will be interesting, I promise!

Next up… The Journey Begins!

28 thoughts on “I’ve Got Something to Tell You!

  1. Good luck.

    Time should go by some what fast.

    But what is the welcoming saying on Guam?

    Hafa adai (half a day)

  2. Ya remember the six “P’s” … Ya know “Proper Prior Planning Prevents……” – Add a seventh to yours Randy – the seventh “P” = Patience—- and when ya do it helps in combating another “P” – Procrastination. Ironic that it is sometimes caused by yet another “P” …. Pinay – I feel for ya Dude! 🙂

  3. Well said, sad that you have to leave your home sweet home for a while to take care of that stuff. Totally understand the need to move. Saw the change on you Vlog but waited on your comments for the change. Best of luck to both. Hope to see each other again. Take care both.

  4. Well said, sad that you have to leave your home sweet home for a while to take care of that stuff. Totally understand the need to move. Saw the change on you Vlog but waited on your comments for the change. Best of luck to both. Hope to see each other again. Take care both.

  5. Randy, we all gotta do what we gotta do! My wife is currently working on establishing dual citizenship. She got her US citizenship 30 years ago and is now trying to re-establish her Filipino citizenship. I am under an SRRV courtesy visa so I should be alright. I haven’t been to Guam since the early 70’s but it was a good place then! Best of luck!

    John on Catanduanes

  6. Hi Randy,
    Wow- big surprise! I wish you an enjoyable break from the Philippines routine. As you alluded to in your blog, I’ll be betting that your Guam vacation lasts (much) more than one year! BTW, what are your housing plans there – apartment or house rental, staying with family/friends ?

  7. Randy,

    Although a challenge, I would find the opportunity to live on Guam again exciting nonetheless. I left for the last time in 1990 and have wanted to return ever since. You will have the best of both worlds. I look forward to reading the details of your move and where you live on Guam. Best of luck!

  8. Sorry to hear you and Teri will not be there Randy. Was looking forward to a get together when we arrive on 8 of May.

  9. Keep updating as we really enjoy hearing of your wife and your adventures. I tried to work from Guam as I had been stationed there in ’83. But work said CONUS only. But still would like to hear more as we have only been in the airport ever since. Wife likes the shopping angle as well.

  10. Mike, as I have written about in the past, once somebody spends any time on Guam, it never leaves their system. While living and working in the U.S. for the last 30 years, Guam was always on my mind… especially during those nasty, cold, dreary winter months. There is only one way to satisfy the craving! Thanks for the comment Mike.

  11. My wife was under the old “permanent” Green Card system and never thought she would need to avail of a U.S. passport as her plan was to retire and spend the rest of her days with family in the PI. I guess I should blame myself for the lack of foresight!

  12. Hafa Adai and welcome to Guam! Not a bad place to be at all. Like you, I’m living with one foot in Guam and one foot in the Philippines. It’s not a bad arrangement and facilitates the best of both worlds. The power and the internet should be a little bit more stable for you. That means we should expect a lot more videos from you a much higher frequency? Guam is slow-paced living and the Philippines is even slower. Can’t get in a rush my friend…

  13. Thanks for your support Rod. I have always liked Guam, like a serious affliction, I never really got it out my system. I’m sure the reliable power and faster internet will get me hooked once again. Hope to hook up soon so we can do some editing.

  14. Will do. Guam is beautiful. We spent our vaca there for a week once and passing through on SpaceA. We both love Guam. Where we went to exit PI when we were living in Baguio. Almost moved there. Never a dull moment with all those jar heads moving from Okinawa. Lol. Are you both going to work again? One year is not that long. Btw, US citizenship questionnaires are easily to find in Google for Terri it’s another source. If she hasn’t done so.

  15. I am not so sure why you have decided to suddenly qualify and then apply for citizenship in the USA. You do know that a visa, after you die (God forbid) will be available to your wife, automatically. So she can go to the USA if she likes.
    Being a legal resident, she can collect SSI.
    On another front, draw up some paper that establishes the exact roll your in-laws are playing in taking up residence in your house. I know in my heart that they are 100% honest, and would never make claims supported by proof of your actions that impinge on a clear and free title… But I doubt there is a single expat who has spent 5 or more years in the Philippines that has not heard a story that would not raise your hair by the bold dishonesty of a person with a million pesos in his sights. A Filipino does not need paperwork to establish a claim but a foreigner for sure does. Nobody gets married to get divorced, but at least half end in divorce anyway.
    My wife, lost her green card when she failed to maintain residence in the USA. She was punished with 7 years prohibition for applying for a visa for failing to notify the US government that she was no longer a resident of the USA and surrender her card. That is the reason I first came to the Philippines to stay in 1989. Did your wife maintain a residence, not establish residence elsewhere, for the last and every 6 months? Or have the laws changed?
    At least in Guam if you need medicine it will be real, your Medicare will pay for it and the doctor will not have bribed the board to get his license.
    I cry for you that just months after you got your nest built you have to fly from it. My heart reaches out to you.

  16. Randy and Teri – good luck on your travels, adventures and retirement. You are really great people and desire the best. I’ll be looking forward to your blog and you tube updates. We’ll miss you both on Samar Island. Take care!!!

  17. P.S. The damn computer misspelled again. I’m sure you both desire the best. I really wanted to say you DESERVE the best. Also do you need me to maintain your lawn chair and space on the beach? LOL! Enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

  18. Yes Guam is Good! Teri may decide to stay longer and travel back and forth. Me, I go with the flow these days. Life is good! Teri was all prepared to take the citizenship test 20 years ago in New Orleans and, like everything else that happens in life, something got in the way and it was postponed… indefinitely. This time is for sure! lol

  19. I live in San Isidro north Samar, Shop in Calbayog and have a residence in Guam where I utilize the new naval hospital .flying back and forth space A to Clark from Andersen AFB. Kadena in Okinawa has alot more flights to and from Clark and I usually go through there if I am in a hurry.

  20. Let me know the next time you are in Guam… we can get together for an “exported” San Miguel! lol

  21. She will obtain her citizenship for the very reasons you described. She is eligible for SS in all respects so that is not an issue, while Medicare is a big plus that is not currently available in the PI. As far as the nest goes, it will be our home-away-from-home or vacation spot, for as long as we choose. Where the in-laws are concerned, we have no worries. It will become family property eventually anyway, and if ever they want to fight over it when we are gone, we will never know! Thanks for your comments!

  22. what 671 area code phone # do you have mine is 9297666-have no idea when I will be back -in California now

  23. I plan on sharing our life’s adventures in the Philippines, and now Guam as well. Shopping is definitely easier here though. Thanks for tuning in!

  24. I wish you and Teri well in the Future mate. I know it must have been a really hard decisions for both yourself and Teri, as you had set down roots in Samar.. I travel across to Palau for our business interests now, and have not yet been to Guam, but am planning to stop there at some point to take a look around. Hope to have a Beer with you some day.

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