[Before Paradise] It’s Mass Chaos!

Yesterday I wrote about going back to work – fixing, repairing, installing, etc. The roof repairs have been made, the new toilet flange and bolts are in, and the electrician is coming today. Until he arrives, I’ve begun some serious packing. Up until now, we have packed things with a certain methodology; we packed all the things we could do without for a while and other things that we would want to be there when we arrived. Those latter items all went into balikbayan boxes and are ready to ship.

Boxes are piling up!
Boxes are piling up!

The serious packing involves everything that will be shipped by the movers… by a truck… by a boat… to Manila… then by a truck… to Samar! So, I picked up bunches of boxes – some from the liquor stores and others from the movers (most moving companies will give you used boxes free). Wrapping paper I picked up from the local newspaper – used up newsprint rolls that came off the press. These paper rolls can still have up to 150 feet of paper on them when they are replaced on the press and are the same type of paper the movers will charge for. Because it is in rolls, I just have to cut it into sheets first.

Discarded Newsprint RollDiscarded

Newsprint Roll

For several weeks now I have collected these rolls from the newspaper company and have set up a paper tearing assembly line in my garage. This is what I do when I need to get my mind off all the pressing issues of moving… I just tear endless sheets of paper. By collecting our own boxes and wrapping paper, and packing our own boxes, we will be saving several hundred dollars in materials and labor costs that the moving company would have levied on us for doing it all. And, there is a bonus…the hard cardboard center of the paper roll just happens to be the right size to insert and protect a bottle of wine!

Paper Tearing Process
Paper Tearing Process

So, the wrapping and packing is officially underway and the official chaos has begun. We need to concentrate on separating the items marked for shipment from the items we need to live on for the next two-three months. The express shipment (kitchen things, clothes, towels, etc.) will all be shipped last via balikbayan.

The mover is coming back again tomorrow to re-estimate our total volume. If all goes well, our shipment will be packed and on the truck by the end of the 1st week of May. And from now until the truck shows up, we will be living in a state of confusion. I have had to remind the wife that it is just like we are camping again and it won’t last forever. I can tell that she doesn’t like going through this disruption. She will get through this because her family IS the light at the end of the tunnel! Even the cat suspects something is wrong and is feeling displaced already!

The Unhappy Cat!
The Unhappy Cat!


5 thoughts on “[Before Paradise] It’s Mass Chaos!

  1. Following you here as you get everything ready for the big move….it is a big move but its looks like you have everything under control better than I could do. Anyway…God Bless you and we will stay in touch with your comments here to see how its all going. This gives me a headstart to know what Im upagainst if I decide to sell my condo and move to Calbayog…..for the time being…Im still looking for a senior renter who is worthy and deserving to rent my condo…I have one person so far that might be ok… its costing me to much to live in both places…and usually Im in Samar longer than here in Minnesota. Calbayog is not to wonderful right now with the bridge being shut down and being repaired…the streets are pretty busy and my honeypie hates going to the city on the road. It don’t bother me so much…In fact I find it kind of fun riding thru all the thick traffic there….after 4 years of practice…. Im almost a native now. Ok… keep up the good work and you and yours take care. calbayogtom and ma.fe Delda

  2. Thanks Tom. I’ll try to keep the adventure alive on here but I’m sure there will be a break during our travel and set-up there. Hope to see you there one day soon.

  3. CONGRATS !!! So cool to see u packing and moving to the Phils. Hope it goes smooth!

    So, u are going to take your cat with you? Any idea about that process? I have been wanting to get a dog but didn’t coz didn’t think It possible or might have been a headache to take to the Phils.

    I see u packing a bunch of boxes. I know i have seen this term, balikbayan boxes used to pack stuff in. Are those small boxes the same? I am not sure what balikbayan boxes are.

    Make it “FUN TO MOVE” and enjoy everything 🙂

  4. Hi Kevin,

    We have been looking forward to this for some time and now that it’s really happening, it’s hard to sleep some nights. I occaisonally wake in the middle of the night packing boxes in my sleep! lol We are taking 4 cats with us. They are our children and just can’t leave them behind. There is quite the process to get them their passports and clearance docs and I will be delving into that soon. If you want a special breed of dog, it would definitely be easier to find the breed before you leave. So are you planning on moving to the PI? As soon as I know all the details about moving the pets, I will post something about it. \
    As far as the Balikbayan process, visit my recent article on Understanding Balikbayan Shipping. That should help. All the boxes you seen in the photo are being shipped by a moving company – we are just doing some of the packing ourselves. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Yeah, someday I plan on moving there. I have such a great job that I am just going to w8 till it closes or boss sells it. I sometimes think I am messing up by not going now. I know my house will sell quick here in Miami and I can live pretty good there. I have a friend from the area of Biliran so I think I will be somewhere on that island.
    I’ll be checking in here often and seeing what’s happening along with other blogs i learn about. Thanks for all the info and I can’t wait to see the views of the ocean from your new house 🙂

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