[Before Paradise] It’s All Over!

We are down to packing a lonely box here and there but now it is becoming really difficult to find things to pack. What I mean is that when we began packing, there was no shortage of finding “things” that would fit nicely into the boxes, filling up the voids and all the nooks and crannies. Boxes packed nicely in the beginning. Now, we can’t seem to find anything small enough to take up the extra space in a box. This is a good thing I guess as it means we are down to the nitty-gritty. I have made a trip or two to the store just to buy some items that we might need in the future and to fill up the gaps in some boxes.

We also had our final garage sale this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and it liked to wear me out. We actually sold about 95% of everything we wanted to get rid of. Of course some things we had to nearly give away, but whoever said having a garage sale will make you rich? The larger items that failed to sell were our TV’s. We have a 27″ and 19″ Sony Trinitron (best TV Sony ever made) and a cheaper 19″ Emerson for $35, $25, and $20 respectfully. All I can say is this…expect to give your non-flat screen TV’s away because nobody will pay anything for them!  Our large flat screen is coming with us. When it was all over, and aside from the TV’s, I had one box that I carted down to the Salvation Army to make a donation. The TV’s we will keep back and try to sell before we actually leave.

Garage sales are mostly regulated in our area and only one yard or garage sale is allowed every 90 days with a $10 city-issued permit. Anyway, this was our last sale and most everything else is being shipped to our new home in Samar.

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In the past, garage sales would have to be advertised in the local newspaper to ensure the masses would find you, but today it’s different. I managed to advertise our sale for FREE using both Craigslist and Facebook exclusively. There are several “garage sale” or “Buy, Sell, Trade” type Facebook pages in our area, and I simply plastered all those pages (before and during the sale) with the details and location of our sale. I didn’t pay one red cent to the local newspaper, who by the way, still makes the claim that newsprint is still the best advertising source. I beg to differ. They wanted over $45 for a three-line garage sale ad that would run for 3 days. Personally, I donated less than that to the Salvation Army and still was able to get rid of nearly everything. If you are looking to liquidate, remember that there are many ways to get the word out, and social media is leading the way. You just have to familiarize yourself with the online venues that are available in your local area.

The next step for us now…to close the sale of our home this coming Thursday, the 2nd of May….so stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “[Before Paradise] It’s All Over!

  1. Randy, this is so cool seeing u out the door and on your way to the Philippines. I think I am going to start selling stuff now for my eventual move in 2-4 years. I think I am going to give E-Bay a try and see how that works. I don’t like having people come in my house (especially here in Miami).

    I am looking forward to more articles about your final thoughts and decisions u make b4 u board that airplane and leave us behind. I hope everything is SIMPLE for you and your family from this day forward 🙂

  2. Thanks Kevin. Selling now is a good idea. When we first began the decluttering process, many things would escape my “search and destroy” mission. It took three garage sales and many facebook and Craigslist posts to get rid of much stuff. One thing you will discover is that it is just hard to part with many things as your personal attachment gets in the way. I have literally moved things from one closet to another enough times where I finally just said F***-it, and either sold it or threw it out. Although we began the process about a year earlier, we should have started even a year before that. You are at a good point now to begin liquidating. I don’t know how much stuff you have, but we had about 27 years worth of stuff to sort through. Not no more! Good luck in the de-materialization process and hope to see you on your way soon. Keep in touch here or on my fb side https://www.facebook.com/retiredinsamar

  3. Calbayog City here they come. Time to relax, have a few brews and see if the sunset can be beautiful everyday.

  4. Well it most be almost over, cause I can hear the Fat Lady singing, how is that karaoke coming from Calbayog … lol. Good job Randy, looks like you’re almost there. Yup, I’m jealous and green with envy, cause I still have 2 more years.

  5. Hi Richie, I had two years…once! Hehe. Don’t worry, it goes by fast. Don’t wait too long to begin your liquidation process. It can take some time when trying to sell things for as much money as you can get. Two years is what I really needed to get things in order to leave but when we decided to go early, we had one year to accomplish everthing. All that in one year was a little stressful. What part of the PI are you locating to? Stay focused on your goal and you will be there before you know it. 🙂

  6. Randy, my wife (Perla) and I will be right down the road from you in Calbayog. We bought a farm last year (Calbayog/Carayman), and we just finished putting a small cement-block barn on it. We holding off on building our house until we are there to over-see the construction. Who knows, maybe we’ll be living in a Nipa Hut, singing karaoke, Do you know all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody … lol. I can see us both know, 2 drunken expats, one retired navy, one retired jarhead. Thank God not to many Nipa Huts have glass windows, the noise we’ll be making will brake glass and cause the dogs to howl.

  7. Hey Richie, When do you plan on moving to Carayman permanently? What will you be growing/raising on the farm? I can put Carayman on my list of places to hide out when need be (I’ll bring the beer!) although something tells me we don’t need to sing karaoke for the dogs to howl. Hope to be there soon.

  8. Right now the big move is looking to be some time in June 2015, but could change, depending on company closures. Our farm is rice and coconut, with a few mango trees and banana’s. We also plan on having a small garden for tomatoe’s and greenbeans. Also planning on making Coconut Rum. Retirement in PI is going to be sweet, slower paced, less stress.

  9. I am on a one year plan right now to move to the PI. I am having a hard time thinking about 1 more year of work but you guy are keeping my mind strait and focused.

    Me and my asawa are considering Calbayog as an option. I will be there in Nov to check the place out maybe you will be free to get a beer. 😉

  10. Hey Carl, I’ll be happy to get free for a beer. By then, I will know where the coldest beer in town is at. Where are you coming from? If you have never been to Calbayog, you will be pleasantly surprised…that is if you don’t want big city! It’s about the right size and offers just about everything you will need. Trust me when I say I wish I would have started preparing 2 years prior to moving. Anxiety will get the best of you on occasion though. Hang in there and see you around November.

  11. I’m born in Las Vegas and lived here all my life. I started going to Philippines 6 years ago and this will be my 15th trip. I now have a 4 year old daughter who is living with my asawa in Philippines. I have already moved out of my condo and sold all my belongings, I currently can fit my life in a box.

    Do they have a good gym there?

  12. Are you talking about Calbayog? I think there is one gym, maybe two in Calbayog City, and the Ciriaco Hotel is supposed to be adding a fitness center. Might be a good venture to get involved with.

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