[Before Paradise] I Might As Well Be a Blind Monkey!

I’m a “Meanderthal Man” (more meandering than packing) when it comes to packing. Yesterday I packed 1 box. ONE pitiful box! If I haven’t mentioned this before, when the de-cluttering begins, things that you haven’t seen for a millennium magically appear. It’s gotta be the “First Law of Clutter” – the one where clutter tends to expand over time in direct proportion to the volume of space in any given, finite environment. I spent over two hours packing this one box for our Philippines shipment, and most of my time was spent meandering (remember, I’m a meanderthal!) about the room….fiddling and playing with long-lost or forgotten items. Like a child beside himself in simple amusement,  I wasted an abundance of time with the hope that decisions would be delivered to me like a pizza. All the time I wasted was really due to my own indecision – whether to just throw items in the box, throw them in the trash, or just throw them anywhere else.  I did manage to hide a few things for a decision to be made later.

Still on the Fence
Some days, It’s hard to get off the Fence!

At one point while monkeying around  with an old hand-held cassette  recorder (dictaphone), I sort of,  accidentally on purpose, dropped in  on the floor with the desperate motive  for some justification in making this  particular decision. How lame have I  become? When it hit the floor and the  battery cover broke off (I was actually  hoping it would survive), the answer  was then obvious and the decision  was now an easier one…toss it! I did  manage to salvage the two “AAA”  batteries so I felt some relief that it  wasn’t a total loss.

It’s almost embarrassing to admit that I have never felt so attached to a junk drawer full of junk, but I did manage to get about half of it to the trash. The rest went into the box and I’m sure that upon opening this box at our final destination, I will find these things and will ask myself to remind me once again – “why the hell did I keep this?” At least at the other end, I know can give it away…to anybody!  That for sure will be much easier!

7 thoughts on “[Before Paradise] I Might As Well Be a Blind Monkey!

  1. I guess it’s too late, but I could have used that dictaphone. I would have used it when I was wondering around downtown instead of taking notes I could talk into that. I suppose they have newer things that I could get though. I haven’t checked on the latest and greatest stuff yet.

  2. Guess what, I just found another recorder and its in better shape than the one i tossed. Now I feel good about the other one. This one is coming with me!

  3. I’m getting ready to move to Bohol in March.. but I’m something of a minimalist. Just clothes and laptop is fine with me. It’s having to pack all the dishes, tables and household stuff I hate to have to lug around. I (almost) feel inclined to just give it all away and buy it again in Bohol. But my frugal side won’t allow that option. ha!

  4. Replacing it all will cost more than the cost of transporting it all with you. I think I’d take what I could to your new jungle home. Besides, when you meet your lady, you don’t want to start completely over!

  5. Yah.. I’m thinking I’ll go with LiTE Shipping. It takes 4 hours to do a 90 minute distance, but they have bunkbeds for sleeping my way through while my stuff sits in cargo bay.

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