Here Comes a Real Game Changer!

Blogging For a Living? I Think Not!

I first began my venture into the blogging arena back during the summer of 2009 when I was working in real estate. My blogging back then helped promote me, my brokerage, and the services we offered. My reputation online helped lead to our credibility as knowledgeable professionals. It was part of the recipe for success. Not to brag, but I was such an active real estate blogger for so long and uploaded so much content, I am still ranked as one of the more popular bloggers in the entire state of Mississippi. My current stats show that I am still ranked #1 in my city, #1 in my county, and #5 in the entire state. I still have 19 active followers! The caveat here… I have not written a real estate blog since I retired in 2013. How odd is that? What’s even more disheartening for me is that I have never earned one penny blogging in real estate (in over 5 years and with over 200 posts). Since retiring and switching my blog focus to “Retired in Samar,” my site has been monetized and now earns me a little money. Not a lot, but enough to cover the cost of my domains, hosting fees, some advertising costs, and beer money. Very few people (and none that I know of personally) have gotten really rich by blogging. There may be a few, but they are rare these days. Me, I’ve been blogging

continuously now going on 9 years. That’s a lot of writing… and even more reading by all my subscribers and readers.

The Game Has Changed!

As a Bitcoin and crypto currency enthusiast (blockchain technology), I recently fell into another rabbit hole – I was introduced to Simply put, Steemit has redefined social media by building a living, breathing, and growing social economy; a community where users are getting rewarded for sharing their voice. 

How It Works.

Steemit is a social media platform that works by having the crowd reward the crowd for their content. It does this thanks to blockchain and crypto currency technologies; Like Bitcoin, Steem is ‘minted’ daily and distributed to content producers according to the votes they get. Not only do the content creators (blog writers) get rewarded, all Steemit users receive all the benefits and rewards for their attention. Yes again, you read that correctly… by Voting and Curating, YOU the reader get rewarded for participating on

Now take a minute and think about it. How much time have you spent reading blog posts and articles about things that interest you? Now repeat after me… “I could have been paid for reading that!” Engaging in social media now pays!

I’m Moving, But I’m Staying Put!

Because of this new blogging venue and an opportunity to make some money at something I like doing, I will be creating content and posting to Steemit. I will always keep my Retired in Samar blog going (too late to turn back now!) and I will also keep producing videos for my YouTube channel, which I can also share publish on Steemit. While Steemit looks a lot like Reddit, it differs because it actually pays all users for their participation, not just the shareholders. At this point, all I can do is to encourage all my readers to take a look at The very first social media site, built on blockchain technology where you can engage and get paid.  You must signup to participate and I will warn you, it will challenge your brain if you are not familiar with blockchain technology and/or crypto-currencies. You will be taking a leap into self-learning. I seem to do it at every turn these days (learn something new) and if you are old and retired like me, what else do you have to do? Brain exercise is always good!

What Have You Got To Lose? 

If you do join the Steemit community and when you find an article I have posted on Steemit, don’t forget to follow me there, Curate (comment) and giving me a “upvote” for my content, you and I will both be rewarded. Read, participate, and get paid. Wow… things are changing!

Learn more about here.

Learn more about why social media sites like Facebook may be doomed because of Blockchain technology here.

Now that I am with the Steemit community, I will find a new passion for writing and posting content. I believe I will like connecting with the people here because of the positivity and enthusiasm that Steemit brings out of people. It is quite revolutionary in the way it naturally brings out the best in us and repels negative behaviour, “Trolls” don’t stand a chance here! They get weeded out quickly. Enjoy!


17 thoughts on “Here Comes a Real Game Changer!

  1. Still sounds like work to me…………I am 100% Retired form United States Navy & 100% Retired from Sheriff’s Office………enjoy the fruits of my labors…………totally enjoying stress free life.
    But if it makes you happy and gives you a few coins to buy Teri some Roses………….Wish you the very best!

  2. I’ll check into it. I’m just wondering if at some point, in order to ‘cash in’ the earnings, does a person have to create a bitcoin account.. which leads to other expenses?

  3. Hi. Just so you know, computer virus guards will not let people access your steemit articlr. I just tried & it blocks you & says it’s a phishing site. I wish I could show you the screen shot.

  4. There will always be an expense when converting cryptocurrencies (per blockchain transaction). You could convert it into any number of cryptocurrencies and withdraw from any wallet you set up. Of course you can open a Bitcoin account for free at almost any exchange. I have always used Coinbase for my bitcoin purchases and transfers and can transfer directly from Coinbase to my bank account. I also use to pay some bills (like telecom and cable) with Bitcoin in the Philippines. The great thing about Steemit is that earnings potential is much, much greater than anything Adsense can compete with.

  5. I have had no issues accessing any Steemit articles or sites. Must be your virusware. What virus protection are you using? You can always override and allow it, I think.

  6. Unfortunately, boredome kills people. So I will choose to stay occupied at my own speed! Besides, doing something you enjoy is not working. And Terry be careful… we don’t want you to fall off your pool float and drown! lol

  7. I’m using an iPad. I just clicked on the link at the end of your article. I opened a steemit account after reading your article.

  8. I will also say this; because Steemit is so new, I would not invest any currency in Steem Power, nor would I guarantee anyone that they will earn anything. This is a start up company and sustainability is yet to be determined. However, should this blockchain social media concept be a hit, those that earn something early will reap all the rewards. The upward potential is huge. As I said in my post, I will also keep my blog and YouTube channel just in case.

  9. I’d much rather see a world, when you make some quirky comment on a blog or news story, or you upload a video clip, instead of just a moment of time for your pseudonym, you’ll get fifty bucks.
    The first time that happens, you have the potential to make money from the system.
    Then everybody – writer, subject, expert, fan – can be a contributor.

  10. If you haven’t got your feet wet in the cryptocurrency space, is a good place to start where you can earn from participating in a social media platform. It’s like getting in on the ground floor of Facebook. It’s still in beta, but exploding fast.

  11. Looks to me like a chance to earn some real money… should it continue to explode, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Wonderful concept.

  12. I just realized I should’ve compared the potential for making a living as a blogger with making a living writing short stories, where it’s possible to be both sarcastic, even cynical, but deeply committed, as in blogging.

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