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Note: While these most visited Philippines government links were current at the time of publication on this page, websites, domains, and links can be revised or inactivated at any time. If any link below is found to be incorrect or inactive, please let us know so we can correct or delete any outdated information by leaving us a message below. Thanks for visiting Retired in Samar!

(Last reviewed for accuracy: 13 Aug 2015)

The Official Gazette – The official website of the Government of the Philippines – Edited at the Office of the President of the Philippines pursuant to…..

Embassy of the United States – U.S. Citizen services, passports, travel advisories, Notary services, marriage information – Manila – Philippines

Bureau of Immigration – Immigrant/non-immigrant Visas, ACR-I Card, SRRV’s, SVEG’s, Dual Citizenship – administered by the Philippine Department of Justice

Bureau of Customs – Importation, exporting, Duty-Free, airport operations – Administered by the Philippine Department of Finance

National Statistics Office – Republic of the Philippines

Department of Health – Republic of the Philippines (site is not reliable)

Department of Tourism – Republic of the Philippines

Land Transportation Office – Drivers licensing – Department of Transportation and Communications, R.P.

Department of Education – Republic of the Philippines

Philippine Zip Code Directory – unofficial?

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