Fresh Libas, Trip to the Market, and a Near Miss

Mango Moment!

This morning, a relative dropped off some fresh “libas” (tagalog) which is the name of a local tree that produces leaves used in Filipino cooking.

Libas Tree Leaves
Libas Tree Leaves

Libas is used to make meat sour, sort of like lemon juice. A similar herbal substitute available in American herb shops would be Sumac berries, but they’ll make the sauce faintly pink.  Anyway, with fresh libas now in the kitchen, it required a quick trip to the market for some fresh fish with which to make some Sinigang na Isda, or fresh fish soup. So I load the wife on the bike and away we go to the “Talipapa” first thing this morning. Now normally my wife will say “watch out for that dog!” or “did you see them kids?” Not to mention “Slow down” and “Did you NOT SEE that Hole?” She is the most aware back-rider I know when it comes to spotting road hazards (before AND after). Just after passing a “rafter” of turkeys alongside the road, I asked her “Did you see all them turkeys?” She replied “What Turkeys?” How does anyone that can spot a large toad at 100 meters miss 4 large turkeys? She obviously had some serious cooking and food on her mind!

Free range turkeys!
Free range turkeys!

2 thoughts on “Fresh Libas, Trip to the Market, and a Near Miss

  1. So my wife is not the only ‘extra’ driver in a vehicle, good to know. I’ve not seen any turkeys roaming around and I’ve not had any turkey since being here in the PI, but I’ve heard from multiple sources that the turkeys here are not as good as in the US because the meat is too tough. Maybe it’s just because of what they eat there versus here. I have chicken, so I can do without the turkey.

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