Foreigners are Jittery in the Philippines

Nervousness in the Air.

I get asked the question all the time. Has President Duterte’s turn on America had a negative impact on retirement here. For the most part, no, it has not. Duterte, the strong-fisted ruler that came to power during the last national election in May of this year (2016), has made some rather nationalistic and boisterous comments, translated by many businesses and foreigners living in the Philippines to be anti-American, and in reality have caused more than a few jitters by both the international business community and permanent foreigner residents living here. On a personal level, I have not experienced anything that would have me believe paradise would come crashing down around us.

Here is a recent article which explains it better:

For me, it’s just another day in paradise.

And still peaceful!
And still peaceful!

6 thoughts on “Foreigners are Jittery in the Philippines

  1. The only thing making me jittery is watching the Cubs. Hoping they can close it out tomorrow. And move on to the World Series……

  2. If you are a good person, fear not. Most of those guys who wind up in trouble asked for it. If you come here to live and wanna be a jerk and an AHole, then you might be courting trouble. No fears here.

  3. I have my Cubs breakfast order in, and I will be having my coffee and Buko Pie during the 7th inning stretch. I’ll also be sporting my Cubs hat of course. And I’m not shaving until it is all over, and if the Cubs go all the way, I might wind up a single man. lol

  4. I too will be enjoying my breakfast during the start of the game. But I don’t have to worry about becoming single thankfully because my wife is excited and love the Cubs also. So she will be right there next to me yelling at the tv. LOL……

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