Filipino Size 10 Please!

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Just the other day, I accompanied my nephew to one of the local variety stores here in Calbayog City. He was looking for a new pair of flip-flops. While he shopped for his shoes, I browsed around the store looking at everything and when I finally walked over to the shoe section, a certain young sales girl, who usually tries to avoid me because of her lack of English proficiency, immediately piped up when she seen me and said, “No sir, we have no U.S. sizes!” as if to derail me and stop me from asking any more questions. Without skipping a beat, I picked up a childs pair of “Hello Kitty” sneakers and then asked “Do you have this in Filipino size 10?” She stood there bedazzled and before she could gather herself, I asked “In what department can I find the underwater badminton rackets?”  She immediately shied away and let her co-worker handle me. I’m sure next time I walk up to the third floor she will find it a most convenient time to go on her break!

It’s just More Fun with Filipina Sales Girls in the Philippines!

6 thoughts on “Filipino Size 10 Please!

  1. When I am at the mall shopping, most of the sale persons turn their heads like they
    do not see me. Cashiers gives the receipts and the money (pesos) to my wife.

  2. You would love it here in Cambodia Randy – Me to store clerk “Do you have any eggs?” their response “Yes, yes, yes.” Big smile and they nod their head. Me “Are they fresh?” Reply “Yes, yes yes.” still smiling and nodding. I ask “Where are they located?” He while continues to smile and nod “Yes, yes, yes”. I then ask ’em “Do you have the small size triggering device for the compact thermonuclear weapon?” … the response “Yes, yes, yes.” while yet smiling and nodding. At this point you just gotta smile yourself, turn around and walk out.

  3. Keith, same here. Sometimes I will go up to the third floor just to watch the girls scatter in all directions, then head back to the second floor. Even if I’m the one paying, many times the wife will get handed the change. And when I’m the one asking questions, they will reply in dialect to my wife! And sometimes my wife will say to them “Don’t tell me, I didn’t ask the question…tell him!” …while pointing at me.

  4. So you just left the store without your eggs and the triggering device? lol I got an “out of stock” reply once when I asked what floor the yachts were on.

  5. WOW, I must be handsome hahahah
    When I go to the stores, they ALL come upto me. hahahahah

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