Filipina ROUNDUP!


Reading some of my old notes reminded me of something funny that happened to me last summer. I remember mixing up a gallon of “Roundup” (weed and grass killer) to take care of the normal summertime weeds growing around my yard and in the flower beds. We live on a corner lot, so I also spray the subdivison entrance flowerbeds on the corner. After almost a complete circumnavigation spraying the beds around the property, I discovered my wife had also completely circled the house behind me (opposite from me), watering everything in sight and washing off all my weed killer!

I’m pretty sure I told her I was going to spray for weeds, but apparently she didn’t understand me or wasn’t listening (most likely), and I didn’t know she was planning on watering all the flower beds. I never realized it until I finished putting the sprayer away and here she comes with the water hose. Oh well, I guess I should plan better NEXT TIME I JUST WANT TO KILL WEEDS!  My weeds got a reprieve that time around.

As it wasn’t that funny to me, I bet my nosy neighbor across the street noticed the whole thing and laughed his ass off the entire time as I’m sure we looked like a couple of stooges!