Facebook White Page of Death

Facebook White Page of Death (WPOD)

It’s my latest ailment…and it comes complete with withdrawals! I believe it was sometime on October 3rd, I attempted to log on to Facebook and all I received for my query was a “white screen.”  Not totally white, but with the browser header and toolbar showing. There was absolutely nothing related to fb that was displayed. I attempted to log on again and got the same result. I waited for a minute or two just to make sure my internet provider was not the culprit (usually high on the list when something doesn’t work right) and then I cleared my browser cache and cookies and again, I got the same result. I rebooted the computer and again, nothing! Out of frustration, I logged on to my wifes account and voila! There was her page, fully displayed, it all of Facebook’s full glory and all the shades of fb blue! From her page, I could see all my pages! So, I log out and log back in again under my name and Damn! ….WPOD again. The only thought I could muster was “WTF!”

What WPOD looks like!

Just like after a train derailment, I proceeded down a new track. Google being my friend, is where I went. I read all the fix ideas which included rebooting the computer and clearing cookies, to the full-blown suggestions of doing a complete computer restore and uploading new versions of software like Java. But I already knew that because my wife’s account was working, and because I could access my three different pages from her account on the DT, that it was not a computer problem. I wasn’t going down that road.

So, I do some more Googling and I come across a suggestion offered up by another affected user. His theory (in theory only because Facebook has not acknowledged or debunked this) was tied to “indexing,” with the simple assumption that all Facebook data is indexed from A-Z and from 1 to infinity!  His argument is rational in the sense that Facebook indexes ALL data to be used and accessed by ALL users and, with this in mind, if one single index or database was to become corrupted, it could affect tens of thousands of accounts, or more! His narrative suggests that this indexing “issue” has been happening for several years and that fb will never publicly acknowledge it. The ramifications for advertising, developers, and Facebook itself are tough enough to fathom, let alone the fallout from Facebook publicly admitting they have an ongoing problem. 

From everything I’ve learned, I will have to just sit this out and wait until Facebook issues a fix. While others concede that after days, weeks or months of waiting, their accounts miraculously begin working again, I will admit that after only two weeks without Facebook, I’m having withdrawals. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have multiple “business” pages attached to my account, maybe this would be a good thing.

Skeleton at Computer
I’m Not Waiting No More!

One positive thing I can point out…While all my blog posts to my “Retired in Samar” Facebook page are still posting, I just can’t access the page directly. Maybe all this really means is to get away from the computer, take some time off and go to the beach. But because I already live on the beach, maybe it means something different. I’m not sure.

One things for certain, I’m not waiting for Facebook!



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  1. look on the bright side, you’re Retired in Samar, while I’m Working at Cox Comm

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