Facebook Now Sucks!

Today’s post is brought to you by the censorship folks at Facebook.

A couple days ago, I received a notice from facebook that a recent post was removed for violating facebook’s own Community Standards. Before I could even ascertain whether it was a comment or post that was removed, I received another message… this time it was an apology. Facebook sent me an apology, after reviewing the content in question, for removing that content as it was NOT found to violate any standards. No harm, no foul as they say. Yeah right!

This morning I was parusing my page and noticed that my last post Philippines and American Heritage… was missing. A quick scroll down through the page and I quickly realized that not just my recent links to my blog articles are gone… they are ALL missing. As far back as I cared to look, everything has been removed.  I’ve even tried posting my blog address (https://livinginthepacific.com) elsewhere on facebook, and it gets blocked. Everywhere! It would be safe to assume at this point that it is not a auto-share problem with WordPress, or a WP Plugin, but that it is definitely a facebook blocking action. None of my YouTube content links (which is owned by Google) have been affected. Facebook apparently screwed up a couple days ago, retracted their accusation, and now have really blundered upon my soil. And I don’t have any explanation as to why?

It does not affect my personal fb account nor my Living in the Pacific fb page. Facebook will just not accept any domain level/sub domain level posts from my blog. I’m still able to post on my page, just not anything from the blog. At this point, I’m thinking, it might be a good time to disconnect from fb. Maybe they are mad at me because I never spend money to “boost” my posts. I never have paid them any money to advertise my mere blogging existance. I just use the freebies that fb has always offered, for free. 

A friend of mine has already suggested that fb might not like my politics. But that can’t be the reason because none of my posts are political in nature.  Not on my blog. Sure, I might share some funny memes now and then on fb, like everyone else does, and if that is the case, why not block me completely? There is something about my blog content that some young snowflake who works in the fb “censorship department” got offended over.  As I gave more thought to my recent post activity, I can admit that I did use the word “Trump” in the most vague context of “winning” in my last post… hmmm, I wonder!

Anyway, I’ll swallow my pride and move forward, separating my LIP page info from my blog. I can keep posting links to my YouTube videos and other things that might interest all those who visit my page, but for the latest blog articles, folks will just need to visit the Blog!  And if fb ever decides to spread their good graces upon me in the future, I might not be so hard-pressed to go that route again.

In the meantime, if you haven’t “Liked” my fb page, no worries, you can still “Like” it. But I would like to get you over to the Blog and Subscribe! … if you haven’t already.

How to Subscribe…

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I’m sorry that it has come to this, but I can no longer rely on facebook to help me reach more readers. So, I guess I’ll just have to grow my readership the old fashioned way… by begging! (Just kidding.) And when you do happen across one of my posts, please comment and share your thoughts.  It helps other readers and might help inspire me to keep writing.


Oh, and for anyone that might be getting tired of facebook and looking for a alternative social media site – one that does not censor any of its members, check out SPREELY.com.  They may not be that new, but they are growing fast!


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