Driving on Red Horse Beer

Then and again, I wind up at my friend UJ’s house in Calbayog City to kill some time while waiting for my wife to finish up her evening Zumba workout session in town. Every time I visit UJ though, the only thing on the menu is Red Horse beer. I believe UJ may not be a true connoisseur of beer, but more of a fan of alcohol content!  My friend is a big guy and it could be cheaper for him to drink the higher alcohol content beer as compared to many of us so-called teetotaler‘s that prefer San Miguel. The difference isn’t much…San Miguel is rated at approximately 5% Alcohol content while Red Horse (also brewed by the San Miguel Corp.) averages close to 7%, or the equivalent to a malt liquor.

San Miguel Beer
In my honest opinion, it’s San Miguel….Ito ang beer

But I must admit, driving home is a little more challenging after visiting with UJ…but that’s fine by me. After all, my time is limited and I need to pick up the wife in about an hour. What it really means is less drinking with the same intoxicating relaxing effect.

Whenever I visit UJ though it really doesn’t matter (I really don’t like Red Horse…unless it is free!), but whenever UJ comes to my house, it’s always Pale Pilsen on demand! Nothing more, nothing less! I guess I would get him a Red Horse if he ever did come over.


7 thoughts on “Driving on Red Horse Beer

  1. Oh really? I seem to remember, before you even arrived at the house, to get you something different if you wanted it.
    However I also drink whatever the host has on hand at the time, unless it’s light beer. I can’t stand the stuff and would rather just have something else, even non-alcoholic, instead.
    It’s true I’m not a real connoisseur of beer. Of course here the variety of beers are very limited. I do have a hankering to try some European beers. I hope to be able to do that next year when/if we visit.
    Of course if you just want t bring by a good tequila, I usually have lemons and salt. I’ll be happy to help you drink that. In fact, I like a good tequila better than I like beer. It’s less fattening too for this “big guy”. By the way, I enjoyed your visit. I hope you will be visiting again soon.

  2. I did like the taste of Red Horse, but then did read a comment in LiP that Red Horse was banned in Australia as there was some unhealthy in it…don`t remember what it was but said it did not get an approval there.

  3. I could have placed an order for Pale Pilsen but I figured one RH wouldn’t hurt. I Didn’t count on three though!

  4. I’m with you randy I’ll take a cold san miguel. going to try to get over there Tuesday hope it will work out. how long does it take to get from allen to calbayog.

  5. I seem to remember that being like 1-1/2 hours from Allen to Calbayog, depending on how fast you are traveling on the road.

  6. Allen to Calbayog…hmmm, all depends on the mode of transport! If you are on a big bus with a crazy driver, you could reach Calbayog in 1 1/2 hours, otherwise it is normally about a 2 hour drive. Except on a jeepney, closer to 3 hours. Knock off about 20 minutes and you are close to our place.

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