Door to Door San Miguel!

Sweet Mango Moment… 

Here in the village where we live, Friday is beer delivery day. This is the day that San Miguel replenishes all the sari-sari stores…and me! Normally, the driver will park the truck and use the two-wheeled hand cart to deliver his product. Today, he must have been feeling a bit lazy because he decided to drive all the way into our village and turn around at our intersection. He quickly learned why bigger trucks do not come this far into the village. He got half-way turned around in front of our house and got so close to our wall he just stopped. He had a really difficult time maneuvering this big truck in an area that would make a Volkswagon Beetle driver anxious. I think he mostly panicked though because I was watching him. I told the driver “that’s okay, you just stay parked there…it’s perfect! I can just reach the beer from my front porch!” With a nervous smile, he surveyed the truck and it’s position, hopped back into the driver’s seat and finally maneuvered clear of our wall and made his escape. I’m sure he was relieved. Maybe I’ll have better luck next week!

I’m now wondering if beer delivery service right to the front door adds to our real estate value? I mean it should rank right up there with running water. Hmmmm….

Weekly Delivery!
Weekly Delivery!
Truck stuck at my doorstep!


4 thoughts on “Door to Door San Miguel!

  1. We just walk downstairs to my father-in-laws sari-sari store. As long as he’s stocked up we’re good to go! Mostly Red Horse and Gold Eagle though. No SM lite unless there’s a party!

  2. We have our little Sari-Sari, but I am against selling beer or any alcoholic drinks. If that was a Cerveza Negra, I would have my supplies at the doors step. Ha ha ha!

  3. I’m curious as to why you won’t sell beer at your store? Who distributes Negra beer? I don’t think we can get that in our barangay.

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