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One thing’s for certain…some things will just not fit in a Balikbayan Box. After two garage sales and the sale of a lot of junk, I finally got rid of a really large item that no longer had any use for. My trailer. Just like everything else that needs to be gone, Craig’s List once again came through and helped me sell something for the best possible price in a short amount of time. In this case, SOLD in about 1 week.

If you moving overseas and need to sell “stuff” before leaving, I have had great success with Craig’s List. Other similar sites that can help you get rid of all that unwanted stuff can be found by doing a keyword search for “online classifieds”. There are now many “local” facebook pages that are great platforms for selling items. Some sites may be more popular for your specific area.

PLEASE NOTE: Online auctions and classifieds have become an easy way to liquidate unwanted items, but are also an attractive opportunity for criminals. Being aware of this element is half the battle. Be especially wary of foreign buyers that have little or no references or feedback. Bad grammar or strangely communicated language are usually indicative of scams. Never give out your credit card number or information to any accounts (such as PayPal). I always use a return email address created just for advertising (Gmail or Yahoo) and when given the opportunity by the online classifier to “anonymize” your email address, do so!

Common Sense Required!
Common Sense Required!

 Only after being contacted will I  provide my telephone number for  “real’ communications (no text  messaging) for making sale  arrangements. While I have received  “offers” from online scammers, they  are easy to identify and I have never  had any problems selling anything.

 As in life, common sense and good  judgement should accompany all  online dealings. If you are selling  large items from your home, make sure you are not alone at home or that you have validated the buyers contact information such as address or phone number. You can always make sure someone is home with you when you schedule a showing of your items for sale. I always capture a phone number and will do a call back, for my own piece of mind. Do Not accept nothing but cash for anything because once they are gone – so will be your stuff!

If you have any questions about selling anything online, drop me your questions and I’ll be happy to answer them. Happy liquidating!

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