Disaster Hits Small Village in Samar

Revised ~ 01 April, 2019

Yesterday I noticed a post in our local Facebook expats group about an ongoing fire in a local barangay of Calbayog City here on the island of Samar. Then sometime later, the updated news from multiple sources was that the fire in Barangay Nijaga (in the northern hinterland of Calbayog City) razed an estimated 128 homes. Since that time, I have yet to see any other confirmation of the total damage, but nonetheless there are hundreds of people (who have very little) that now have nothing left. The initial numbers posted by a local online news organization (Calbayog Journal) claims some 557 individuals from 189 families were left homeless (unofficial data). Fortunately there have been no reported injuries or fatalities from this disastrous fire.

In these first photos, you can see the fire where and just after it began (on March 29, 2019).

Below is a link to a Facebook video after firefighters from the Calbayog Fire Protection District arrived.

The photo below shows some of the damage to the village after the fire was brought under control.

Barangay Nijaga (photo credit ~ Mark Gianetta)

Relief Assistance Needed

Several members of the Calbayog Expats (residents group) are currently putting together a relief drive for those families affected by this fire. Currently we are seeking donations of basic needs items such as clothing, food, water, and hygiene items. No cash will be distributed to those persons affected, only basic needs items that will be purchased with our cash donations.  I typically have never used this site for humanitarian purposes, but because this is close to home, I’m making this an exception. While Filipinos are known to be some of the most resilient people on the planet, it’s our human nature to feel for the elderly and the children.

If you are interested in helping some of these families in their time of need, you can make a difference, as we are doing now. There is a donate button on this site and if you would like to make a small contribution via this secure PayPal link, look for the “Donate” button in the top-right section of this page –  or you can use the link provided below. Anything you can give will make a big difference in somebody’s life. Remember, in the Philippines, a little bit goes a long way!

If you do make a donation, make sure you to the “Special Instructions” with the message “Nijaga Fire Relief” so that your money is identified as relief money. All monies collected will be given to our relief lead-person for purchases and supplies to be delivered by Mr. Conover (local expat) who is working with Nijaga’s barangay Kapitan for relief distribution.

Donate Here:  Donations CLOSED!

Thank’s to all those who donated!  You are appreciated!

Video and Photos taken from Facebook.

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