Departing the Philippines – Exit Clearance’s

As we prepare to depart the Philippines for a short trip to Guam, I felt the need to review the Bureau of Immigration’s policy on Emigration Clearance Certificates (ECC). There seems to always be some confusion on the Bureau’s latest rules on ECC’s.

NOTICE! Since posting this article, I have posted new and updated information here. The information below may not be entirely accurate and out of date (except for my last paragraph!) Anyone needing an ECC should always refer to the latest information about ECC requirements as published by the Bureau of Immigration.

  1. Who should apply for an Emigration Clearance Certificate?

The following are required to apply for an Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) prior to departure from the Philippines:

  1. ACR I-Card holders;

  2. Temporary visitors who have stayed for more than six (6) in the Philippines;

  3. Foreigners born in the Philippines who will be traveling out of the country for the first time;

  4. ACR I-Card holders leaving the country for good.

  • When should I apply for an ECC? A foreign national may apply for an ECC at least 72 hours prior to his/her departure from the Philippines.

  • Does the ECC have validity? Will I be able to use this multiple times?

The ECC is valid for one (1) month from the date of issue, however, you may only use this once regardless of its validity.

Paragraph 1 (one), sub paragraph 1 (one) clearly states that “ACR-I Card holders” need to have clearance. That’s pretty specific with no grey areas. Additionally, the BI sitemap lists the following types of ECC’s:

ECC – Native Born
ECC – Native Born (US Passport Holder)
ECC – Tourist

ECC – With Downgraded Visa
ECC – With Student Visa
ECC – With Lost ACR I-Card

Because my category is not listed here, I’m a little confused as to how I interpret this as compared to the information that was disseminated in the BI circular just last January that reads:

The Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) is an important pre-departure document issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to foreign nationals who are holders of Immigrant or Non-Immigrant visas leaving the Philippines. It has two types, ECC-A (referred to as Regular ECC) and ECC-B.

ECC-A is issued to departing foreign nationals to prove that they have no derogatory records in the country and have no pending obligations with the government at the time of issuance. It may be secured at the BI Main Office or in selected District Offices, Satellite Offices, Field Offices, One-Stop-Shop and Extension Offices. In particular, foreign nationals falling into the following categories should secure an ECC-A prior to their departure:

  1. Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more;
  2. Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas;
  3. Holders of valid Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas but are leaving for good;
  4. Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;
  5. Holders of Temporary Visitors Visa with Orders to Leave;
  6. Bona fide seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or more and has a duly approved discharge from the BI.

Meanwhile, ECC-B is issued to departing holders Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas with valid ACR-I Cards and leaving the country temporarily. It is a single-use receipt issued to evidence their Special Return Certificate (SRC) (for Non-Immigrants) or Reentry Permit (RP) (for Immigrants) which is valid for one (1) year. It may be secured at the BI Main Office or in the airport upon departure.

Since this circular was disseminated in January of 2014 and I can no longer find it, I guess the website is germane as the go to place for information…however incorrect it may be. 

So as I clearly fall into the ECC-B category, my big question is this: Do I need an ECC? … and if so, where do I get it?

Here is my official take on all this. Blogger information is not always accurate. BI website information is not always updated. BI officials may have different interpretations of their own law. You should probably try to contact the BI directly which is probably the safest thing to do. I will definitely know the answer to this question by the end of the week, but for how long it will be valid? …your guess will be as good as mine.


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  1. I’m not sure if people that are here in balikbayan status need to get this ECC. I can tell you this though. Unless this ECC is one of the things that they take care of for you at the airport, we have never gotten one. Lita and I have been out 3 times since being here and we have never had to do anything extra. We just show up at the airport, go through the little routine there, then get on the plane to leave. No one has ever said anything to me about the way we are doing this, so I’m going to continue this way until told differently by someone in the know about such things.

  2. That’s interesting John. Anyway, looking at the back of an ACR card with a Permanent Immigration Status, at the bottom it states “THIS CARD SERVES AS RE-ENTRY PERMIT (RP) OR SPECIAL RETURN CERTIFICATE (SRC)”. This is the exemption to needing the exit ticket or ongoing ticket from the Philippines. Doesn’t specify anything about ECC’s though.

  3. Hello
    I am an American here in the PH with my wife and I have a tourist visa. I will be going home for a bit after being here for what would them be 8 months. I heard all sorts of contradictory information regarding the ACR-I card. I applied for in back in November and I still did not get it. I do have the receipt. Will that be a problem when I leave if I still don’t have it or will the ECC suffice?
    Thank you in advance.
    Craig R.

  4. Craig, I would be dancing on somebody’s head if you haven’t received your card yet. Where are you located? My friend Thomas here in Calbayog also had to wait too long and his card was finally delivered to him after he started making some noise. If you don’t get it, just have your receipt and copies of all your application paperworks with you and make sure you have all your visa extensions in order. Remember, as a tourist, you must apply for that ECC several days (72 hours I believe) in advance before your departure. Go directly to the BI in Intramuros to get it.

  5. Thanks for your reply it will be helpful. I am in Plaridel on Mindanao. I applied for the card at the Ozamis office. They told me that they send out the applications to the main office and it takes a long time for them to release them.
    I have all the receipts but no copy of the application. I will get one from them next time I go there.
    My wife is a project director and area manager at the Paglaum here and maybe she could help me make some noise.

  6. I am American and in possession of an SSRV (pretty sure the RV stands for Retirement Visa, but not sure what the SS stands for). I departed and reentered the PR twice so far this year for approximate periods of 3 months only. The last time I reentered was 9 Aug 14. I am due to depart again on 25 Oct 14 for 6 months and then reenter on 18 Apr 15.

    My question is: Do I require an ECC when I depart in October? I have a round trip ticket.

    Should I go to an immigration office and inquire there?


  7. Hi Ken, you may need one but to be sure, I would check with the BI if it is not inconvenient. In some cases, a local provincial BI office simply may not know or may not have the resources to find out for you. The rules seem to change regularly with the BI so I’m not big on giving too much advice in this area. As a permanent resident (ACR-I Card), I was required to pay for the ECC at the airport upon departure (last April) and I believe it cost me about P2,850. If you can call them in Manila that would be easier, but I’m almost positive you will find out at the airport and if so, you should be able to obtain the ECC there. But you do have a plane ticket at risk so this is really your call. Sorry I couldn’t be more specific. You could however visit other forums to see if you can find someone in your same situation. Good luck.

  8. So, Holders of the ACR-I Card for temporary tourist don’t need this right?

  9. Correct. Tourists do not need an Exit Clearance Certificate (ECC) unless they extend their stay beyond 6 months. They will simply pay a departure tax at the airport. Always check with the BI for latest rules, regulations and processes.

  10. I just returned 1Aug left 1 July We did not do anything but go to the airport pay departure tax like always nothing new

  11. Do i need to book a flight first before going to immigrant to get exit clearance?

  12. Hi Arriane, I’m not sure of your immigration status but generally speaking, no. As a 13A Visa holder, I will book my flight well in advance, then get my ECC at the airport the day of departure. I’m not exactly sure on the Tourist type visas that have stayed in the Philippines longer than 6 months. I would either call the BI or visit their website HERE.

  13. Hi, I am on a tourist visa, over 6 months. I am leaving the country in 2 weeks. I live on Negros, and was told to go to Cebu to get this exit visa. My question is, can I get it the day before leaving for my flight, or do I have to travel twice to cebu in order to secure this visa?


  14. I would suggest trying to call the BI office in Cebu. You could always travel through Cebu, pick up the ECC and head out from there. I would try to contact the BI first though.

  15. If i leave MNL at 6AM on a Monday,,, can I go get this thing in Intramuros Friday? or do i have to apply for it Wednesday and Pick it up on Friday,,, basically is it applied and received on one visit??? Why the 72 hours? do hours on Sunday count?

  16. Jeff, you are asking me a question I have never had to deal with. You should be able to contact the BI directly for advice. Because I hold a 13A Visa, my clearance can be obtained at the airport upon departure. As sure as coconuts fall, I’m sure there could be different requirements for different situations. Tourists over a 6 month stay is a category I have no knowledge of. Sorry.

  17. If only it was that easy, I tried calling them now for the last 2 days,(even tried calling the makati central office) and do you think they pick up the phone! Of course not, its the Philippines here, nothing is never like its supposed too……Can’t wait to leave this place!

  18. I would just head to Manila a day early then. With my attitude, I would just go to the airport and make noise about all the attempts to contact them for two days. Most times, you can be firm in your insistance, and as long as you remain diplomatic and don’t get ugly, you can make progress. I have never had a problem wherever I go…knock, knock.

  19. I am flying out of Cebu, so I will go a day early, so I can make sure I get out of here…….
    Thanks for your help
    good luck!

  20. Good luck to you Marc and safe travels. Please update us as to the process you experience. It will be helpful to others in your same situation. Thanks and Hurry back!

  21. I think Iloilo BI does the exit permit now just give them a call to be sure, and i think you need to do it 2 weeks prior to your departure.

  22. My comment for 2 weeks prior to departure is for Iloilo City BI only as its a provincial office maybe they need more time to process the permit.

  23. I am pretty sure that they are talking about “working days”, as BI is government, you can count on Mondays – Fridays.

  24. Well, here is a “curve-ball” update since I originally posted this article. When I departed the RP in April of this year, I paid my ECC at the departing Immigration counter at the airport in the amount of P2,380 PLUS an “Express Lane Fee” of P500 (?). Then when I departed again just this past September, I was told (at the same Immigration window) that as a permanent resident (ACR-I), I needed to only pay this fee once per annum, meaning I could depart any number of times during the course of the year with only paying the ECC Fee one time. Then when I departed again just this week, they hit me up for another ECC Fee of P1,670 PLUS that darned express lane fee again. Now they tell me I have to pay each time I depart the country however, every subsequent departure is reduced by a certain amount. Like I mentioned in the article…never take anything for granted as the rules can change again


    (I guess I should feel like I am ahead of the game as I got out in September with no fee…he he)


  25. I have no ACR-I card but am holder of a working permit. This blue card is a replacement of that yellow ACR-I card. All I hear is that ACR holders need that ECC, how would that work for some one like me then? Obvious I am living and working here, so I have a job to get back to. Would I also need an ECC before leaving on a short trip to HK, for example?

  26. Sorry Rob, I wish I had an answer for you. But after my last go-round with Immigration at the airport, I don’t know which end is up anymore. Best thing to do is visit the BI in Manila or attempt to contact them by phone (good luck with that one!)

  27. Just want to share the experience of my friend. She and her whole family including an 11 month old child born here but with an American passport were about to the head to the US this morning but they got held up because they weren’t informed they need the ECC for the baby! So after rebooking their flights and paying for high fees, they went to Intramuros today only to find out that they had to pay 6K for the ECC and they can only get it after 3-4 working days. There’s a separate ‘rush’ fee of 1500 but it does not guarantee a definite date of getting it! It was such a crazy experience for them.

    I hope the BI would have a kiosk that could handle these cases at the airport. Their information dissemination is ridiculous for their policies that causes so much hassle!

  28. Thanks Cerulean for the info. I totally agree about the poor information dissemination coming from the BI. The entire BI policy on Exit Clearance Certificates is predicated on checking on individuals who might be trying to flee the country when they might be wanted or awaiting criminal actions of some sort. I doubt very seriously if an 11-month old child is wanted for anything. My question would be the parents…were they overstayed on their Visa or are they “tourists” that have been here longer than 6 months? If so, they were the ones that needed the ECC, not the child. I can’t see the BI creating this issue over the child. That would be just ignorant greed!

  29. Thank you cerulean for posting our ordeal yesterday. The immigration officers at the airport told us that our son’s passport needed the Exit Clearance and that my wife and I are fine. It was my mistake I guess for not checking the BI rules. But my son is 11 months and I am sure he committed any crimes in that period haha. Well we are hoping to pick up the Exit Clearance this Monday but another Immigration officer to get it for us as early as today but of course with an additional personal fee of Php1500. It was a long day yesterday especially with the baby and having all our baggages with us. It was a burden from NAIA 3 Terminal to the BI Office in Intramuros. Anyways I wish I would have found this site earlier. It’s been very helpful. Thank you.

  30. My husband and I were searching for information about this so called Exit Clearance and came across this blog. Upon reading the comments, we were surprised that someone had the exact same situation that we had. Apparently,our friend posted it on our behalf. We already have the ECC in our custody now thanks to the internal fixer we met in BI. Internal because he works there. We paid 1500 pesos as mentioned above. But what was not mentioned is that the airline tagged is as no shows due to the lack of this ECC. Now our tickets are close to being void just because as the Immigration officer said “You should’ve searched the internet”. It just amazes me that my baby had to go through this ordeal. Amazing system

  31. Firstly, using a “Fixer” is highly frowned upon as it is not only “illegal,” there are also no guarantees with that “Fixer’s” results. I’ve seen and heard of too many folks paying many pesos for something only to find out it was incomplete or done wrong. A waste of time and money. In your situation, I think I would have requested a “high-level” meeting, taking your chances and gone from there. For an immigration official to refer you to the internet is like asking you to test the depth of the water with both feet…you won’t know anything until it is too late (internet is not their most reliable source of information). My feelings are that when you arrive in this country, the BI should make available for hand out, Immigration Pamphlets that fully explains to all travelers, all the different BI requirements in a simple easy to understand format. By providing this information up-front and when it is time to leave, everyone will have been made equally aware of the requirements that pertain to their particular situation. But that would be too simple I guess…and the BI would lose some revenue in the process. Like I mentioned on another thread, the ECC process is designed to keep offenders of the law or wanted individuals from leaving the country without receiving their due judification…or to catch wanted criminals)….which I’m sure your baby was not. I hope this doesn’t sour any future travel plans to the Philippines you may have in the future. It probably would not hurt to write a good complaint letter to several levels of the Philippine government…maybe eventually they will learn to hold someone accountable for their own bad policies. Happy travels!

  32. Ha, an escaped baby and hardened criminal at 11 months…I mean after all, he did spend “9 months” on the “inside!”

  33. Thank you EB69 for the kind remarks. Everyone should always remember that dealing with the Philippines BI may not be just a walk in the park, but more like a walk on the “south-side” of certain cities in the dark. You just never know so it is always better to be re-informed…again…and again…and again!

  34. the ECC process is designed to keep offenders of the law or wanted individuals from leaving the country without receiving their due judification…or to catch wanted criminals

    Do you really believe this?
    The exit visa is only for those that are traveling in the Philippines on a visitors visa. All other expats living here on some other kind of visa do not need to get an exit visa. Which means they can be offenders of the law and commit crimes, and they can leave the country at will!
    Come on, the only reason for the exit visa is $$$

  35. Tom, okay…everyone is entitled to a little speculative opinion, but because people come here to this blog to look for information, it would not be prudent for me to make speculative assumptions. Only the facts as can be backed up in writing. Actually, when I depart the country as a (13A) Permanent Resident, my information is available to Immigration at the kiosk counter in the departure terminal. I suggest next time you leave, check out your “Official Receipt” and you will see they assessed you a fee for “Emigration Clearance Certificate”, along with a “Head Tax, RP/SRC Fee, and Legal Research Fee. Also at the the bottom of your receipt you will see a CERTIFICATION that reads; “This is to certify that the above named subject DOES NOT APPEAR in the Bureau’s Hold Departure, Blacklist, Watchlist and/or intellegence Derogatory Records as of (this date).” NOW, the true intent of some of the Philippines laws as written, that is an entirely different topic.

  36. Hi, again Randy,
    It has been my experience (although a bit limited since I have only left PI twice) that the BEST POLICY to adhere to when dealing with BOI here is to adhere to information from Home Office in Intramuros with certain qualifications: (1) DO NOT ACCEPT VERBAL INFORMATION AS GOSPEL There is an unwritten rule of law here–If it isn’t in writing, it didn’t happen! (2) If it IS in writing on BI website, it probably isn’t accurate, in which case, apply rule (1). When there is a time frame involved, so as that is concerned, I think that the best course of action when for any “Foreigner” is to go to Intramuros AT LEAST 2 WEEKS before a planned departure to get the ECC (which is supposed to be valid for 30 days) and arrive at the airport with at least 10,000 PHP per person traveling.

  37. “Any foreigner” scenario really doesn’t apply to permanent (ACR) residents and SRVV and other Special Visa types. The ECC (Exit Clearance Certificate) applies mainly to tourist visa’s who have extended their original stay. That is my take on it anyway but to be certain, the easiest way is to check with immigration at the airport upon arrival. Most times they will have the right info. If not, then the BoI in Intramuros is your best bet for info.

  38. Well i am a bit confused but really who isn’t when dealing in Philippines .
    I finished my Balikbayan visa 4 months ago and since have been on tourist visa
    My questions now are
    I am leaving on the 5th month after Balikbayan , Do i need an exit certificate? the BI guy said no.
    but… not sure if his right.
    Also do i have to pay the 1620 p Exit tax cause i stay over a year ? or the balikbayan doesn’t count as overall stay

  39. Christos, I’m not 100% certain but I don’t believe you need to pay the P1,620 exit fee. From what I recently understand, any departure fees that are due are to be included in the price of the air fare. I’m not sure when that is supposed to be implemented but it has been announced. When you say BB Visa, are you talking about the 13A Visa or a BB stamp in your passport? I know friends on the BB Visa who don’t need the Exit Clearance Certificate.

  40. Ty for coming back to me so quick, well i bought my ticket from the net so it wont be included if i needed to pay it but that’s really not much of a concern.
    As the BB visa i was talking about the stamp on passport which expired in November and since then i have needed to take 5 extra months in extended tourist visa ,so then i assume cause its under 6 months tourist visa stay i shouldn’t need the exit papers, well that’s what i was told lol. thats why iam a bit confused and my flight is in 3 days

  41. I believe if you are under a 6 months stay, then no ECC is required. I would try to contact the BoI by phone for further clarification.

  42. We just arrived home back from the airport as our twins (3months old, born in manila) had no ECC in their Australian passports. My husband called the BI last week and was told to just bring birth certificates to the airport. Not so. This was an ordeal for the whole family. We were told to go to itramuros in the morning and apparently to obtain it on the spot. Our tickets are booked for the afternoon. Having read this blog I don’t feel very confident about that at all. Our babies haven’t commited any crime.

  43. Hi Maciad, It all goes with what I always tell everybody…you really can’t be assured of anything without a visit to the BI. I always recommend, at a minimum, calling the BI, but it sounds like in your case you were still given bad advice by the BI. It just goes to prove that the right hand and left hand have no idea about what’s real or isn’t. I guess my future advice will be to always talk to the highest power and get names and ID or employee numbers. It’s really sad that it has to come to that but…. Anyway, good luck and I hope you get everything accomplished in time for your flight. Please let us know how it all turned out once you get to your destination. Thanks.

  44. Yes ignorant greed. I was chatting wiv a lady with a baby that was also held to ransom with her pinoy born 11 month infant on a US passport…..After my own experience of this ignorant greed (& a shed load of other pissed off forigners). I’ve decided 9 years of living & visiting this hole are over. There’s plenty more planet to see!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Most folks that come to the Philippines and enjoy living here have already experienced the culture and way of life BEFORE making the decision to call this their home. This is not 1st world and if you ever once thought that it could be, then you are a fool. Then there are those who come here on a whim, not fully comprehending what they are jumping into (with both feet). I feel you might just belong in that second group and if so, maybe you should have spent the time and energy to really tell how you feel about your “Pissed Off” experience on the blog site that you call home. This is obviously is not the forum for you.

  46. To complain is always nonacceptance of what is. It invariably carries an unconscious negative charge. When you complain, you make yourself into a victim. When you speak out, you are in your power. So change the situation by taking action or by speaking out if necessary or possible; leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness.

  47. I agree Marc. However, speaking out for change in the Philippines on a regular basis can be a frustrating thing. Most of us that live here accept things for what they are as change is almost an impossible task. I have learned to always speak in defense of what is right and try to use as much tact and respect as possible (and with a smile)…most times it works to my advantage. Too much speaking out (being ugly) can sometimes lead to a life changing event! lol

  48. Hei i am a norwegian living in philippines for almost two years now…I would only like to ask question about ECC. What then if i am so plenty sick that i need to go back to norway very quick.Do i stilll need to get the ECC? Or what?

  49. So meaning even if we have already the ECC we have to wait 72 hours before we can leave here in the Philippines?
    So we have to rent hotel 3 to 4 days and more?Seems like the Philippines don’t like to have fouriegner anymore.

  50. What is your immigration status? If you are here under a tourist visa, then you could face delays. If you have acquired a permanent ACR-I card, you can obtain your ECC at immigration at the airport. This is probably a question that should be asked of the BI. I cannot sure of all policies as they seem to change frequently. There are so many different immigrant classes it would be wrong to simply guess at your situation. Visit their WEBSITE and see if you can find a Manila number to call or visit your local BI office.

  51. I believe, as a tourist that has stayed longer than 6 months, you are required to obtain your ECC 72 hours prior to your departing flight. This allows the BI to run a background on you to see if you have become a criminal since arriving! 🙂

  52. Thanks for the information.

  53. Hi, I am a filipina married to an american. My husband applied for a 13a amendment visa and just few days ago we saw his name in the list of approved visa. my question is when he go back to the BI to get his ACR card, does he get it thesame day? we are leaving the country by thw 29 this month, and my other question is does he needs to pay ECC again? since we just went abroad again last March,. Can he not use same ECC he got? whatelse does he needs to pay at airport prior to his departure as a 13A amendment visa approved?

    thank you very much for your blog

  54. Hi Crstina,

    Once your husband applies for his permanent ACR-I Card at the BI, he will only have a copy of his application and receipts issued to him on that day. The card must be processed and then it will be available for pickup there at the BI, or per the instructions you provided to the BI (like delivery to your provincial BI office). After applying at the BI in Manila, it took about 6 weeks for me to receive my card in Calbayog City. When he leaves the country, all he has to do is show that he has applied for the ACR-I card, show them the 13A Visa in his passport and they will provide him his ECC right there at a charge of about P2,850. If he travels a lot, each time he departs in the same calendar year though, the price decreases, but then the following January, it adjusts back to the P2,850.

  55. Hi, I am Belgian and already stayed for 3 years here. Now I have to leave the country. can I just make a round trip from 1 day to hongkong and get back in the PH ?

  56. Have you been extending your stay with the Bureau of Immigration? If you are in a legal status yes, you should be able to leave the country and return. The requirement is that you must leave. The length of stay outside the Philippines does not matter, as long as you exit you can re-enter.

  57. I am an American who married a Filipino, I am fighting for sole custody of my 2 children, since their father doesn’t want to support us. I am needing to know more about how or what i need to get for my children once I have their US passports? Do I have to have a VISA or some kind of stamp in the book, orjust file the ECC? All of this is very stressful, and I could really use some advice. I think the BI likes to keep their website as vague as possible to drive us insane and to steal more money in fees from us. I do know, that if you find the info on their site, print it for proof, as long as you print it within the time frame of your trip, they will have to abide by it.

  58. Your question would be better addressed by the U.S. Embassy in Manila as to visa requirements for minor children, especially if you plan on them emmigrating to the U.S. with you. What type of passport does your filipina wife have, U.S. or Philippines? If she has a Philippines Passport, has she been cleared to travel to the U.S? I’m not sure I can be much help to you as you have not provide many details about your situation, but I would definitely make an appointment to visit the U.S. Consulate.

  59. Hi,

    Board of Investment Bldg., Ground Floor, # 385 Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City.

  60. Hi Amod, I do not know the answer to your question. I would think you can, but I would either visit there or place a phone call to them or the main BI in Intramuros. As a 13A Visa holder (permanent resident), I get my clearance at the airport. Sorry. If you find out, and you have the time, I’m sure some of this sites readers could use the information. Thanks.

  61. hi my husband has a probationary 13a for 1 yr with acr card that will expire march 2016, and we will be leaving philippines for 3 days. does he need to apply for ecc on immigration office? or upon leaving in airport. returning to philippines does he need to have an ongoing ticket even if he has probationary 13a visa? we will apply to permanent 13a visa next yr. hope you could answer us

  62. He will not need to obtain an ECC from the BI before leaving…that will be taken care of at the airport. Remember though that he will need to pay Immigration $2,880 for departure tax. He will not need an ongoing ticket when he returns as he is a permanent resident, not a tourist.

  63. Thank you. Does my husband need to pay the travel tax 1620?

  64. Hi, I am a Filipina married to an Australian National. My husband’s Balikbayan Visa is set to expire on October 25, 2015, so we are planning to go to Malaysia and then return here to entitle him to another year of stay on a BB Visa. May i know if foreign nationals on a BB Visa required to get an exit clearance before departure from the Philippines? We will return in three days time from Malaysia.


  65. JC…Under balikbayan status, you do not need to obtain an Exit Clearance from the BI. Your husband will just leave like any normal passenger and return and get a new BB stamp, good for one year. Permanent “I Card” holders and BB recipients are not included in the category of “tourist visa” types that need the clearance, should they extend their stay in that status. Tell your husband he is good to go!

  66. Dear sir ,could you please tell me if natural born filipino nationals, living all their life in the filipines, & holding no other nationality need an ecc in order to travel to other countries e.g the UK

  67. No you will not need an ECC. Basically, only those foreign nationals who visit the Philippines and remain in country beyond their original visa stay need to be cleared to exit. You will however need a Philippine passport to travel outside the country.

  68. The cost of an ECC depends on your immigration status and length of stay. You would be best served by contacting the BI for that information. Fees are also subject to change, and without much notice.

  69. hello. i am wondering if me and my american husband can leave the country for a day or two and get balikbayan visa when we get back? (this is our first time to get balikbayan visa)

  70. Hi Mesh, what kind of passports do you each hold? What type of visa does your husband currently have? If you leave and return, I don’t seen any reason why you cannot obtain the BB Visa, if eligible.

  71. Hi, I’m Filipino maried to a foreign our baby was born in the Philippines and using foreign passport. We departed Philippines last year, actually we got offloaded because we dont know that we have to get an ECC for my baby to travel for the first time. So we stayed for a couple of days in Manila while waiting for the ECC to be release from BI. Now we are back in Manila last Febraury 2016 and my baby have a 1 year visa to stay in the Philippines. My question is, do I need to get an ECC for my baby again in order to leave the Philippines for a short Holiday? Thanks in advance

  72. I’m curious, if you say your baby was born in the Philippines, then why are you using a foreign passport for the child? If your child is a Philippine natural born citizen, why not travel as such? If you or the baby are travelling using foreign passports, and you stay in the country for an extended period, you must obtain the ECC every time you exit the country. And if you are in possession of a foreign passport, why have you not applied for dual citizenship? I really do not understand your immigrant status enough to provide a correct answer to your question, sorry.

  73. You need the Exit Clearance 15 days before you leave the contry after 6 mdr. Thats the rules.

  74. ECC’s (ECC-A) only apply to tourist class visa holders. Permanent ACR Card holders (ECC-B) can go directly to airport and get cleared, as well as retiree visa holders.

  75. Damn right. Ecc is just another monkey business!

  76. Actually Kalhif, in concept, The ECC system serves a good purpose. I keeps vagabonds and criminals from leaving the country without due retribution. It is a better system than what most western countries have in place!

  77. Good afternoon! Im russian, so i have russian passport and i got ECC. My 1 year old son was born in the philippines, his father is filipino, but 2 months ago he got russian passport in embassy. He doesnt have filipino passport. We didnt proceed his filipino visa, becoz he was born here. We need to live in May. Can he get ECC if he doesnt have visa stamp in his russian passport?

  78. Hi Lily, from what I understand yes, he must obtain an ECC, especially as a non-Philippine passport holder. He was born to a foreign national and he has been in country for over 6 months. It would be your best and safe bet to go to the BI and apply for one about a week before you leave. In any case though, I always recommend that you contact the BI with information requests like this as rules are always subject to change without notice.

  79. I will apply for ecc, but baby has no any visa in his passport, is it okay?

  80. Yes because it is a new passport. Make sure you bring all birth records for your child and citizenship documents with you to the BI.

  81. Thank you!
    One more moment. Befor i got ecc for myself, i had to proceed alien registration programm (ARP), then my ecc was valid until april 30. I was offloaded in the airport, now i have to get ecc again, and i have to get ARP again?

  82. My scenario is me a filipina and my 1yr & 11 months german son together with my german husband were supposed to leave the country on april 18,2016 and it is the first time of my son to go out of the country, while we are in immigration the man in BI did not hold our flight and didnt ask about this so called Ecc-a for my son,we dont have any idea about all this ecc for my son exit,after BI stamp on our passport we just go directly to boarding gate,but that time we were offload only me and my son my husband go fly alone as he have to report to his work, because my son have high fever so didnt allow to depart ,then we did the next step rebook our flight which is april 29,2016..this time me and my son was offload again due to this lack of Ecc-a as BI officer in counter say to us we need this Ecc and we have to get this at intramuros BI..our next flight will be may 19,but as website say 3 days prior to departure,saturday and sunday is not counted,is it ok if i process ECC-A this May 12-13 ,my son is philippine born foreign national and travel for the first time what are the possible list of requirements really needed for applicatio.thank you..

  83. Hi Mayang. If the BI held your son because he needed an ECC, then you need to get one per the instructions the BI sets forth. From what I hear you can get the ECC three days prior to your departure, but to be sure, I would contact the BI directly to find out. I cannot provide you precise advise on this issue because requirements can change without notice.

      TO BE SURE

    , you should go to the BI 3-4 days BEFORE your flight.

  84. What are the requirements for ecc my son is 1 year and 11 months old,what are those citizenzhip documents?thank you and @AnaML just wanna ask if what are those documents you give to BI for ECC-A and how much you have payed all?

  85. Thank you so much 🙂 i will update time to time about the process thank you:)

  86. What I meant was take everything you have, passports, birth certificates, affidavits, baptismal records, embassy papers or anything that will prove citizenship.

  87. Hi I’m artie I have a balikbayan I’m living July 2016 do I need a EC c or am I fee to just go to airport a go home pls let me know .
    Thank you.

  88. I don’t believe you need an ECC to depart the Philippines. You should be able to clear through immigration at the airport. As always though, I will suggest checking with the BI or visit their website to make sure no rule changes have been implemented since the last updates on ECCs.

  89. Hi!

    I am not sure if you still visit this blog. But I am really worried about my husband. He is a Korean national who applied for 13A visa. His passport has already been stamped with TEMPORARY TO PROBATIONARY visa that is valid until NOVEMBER 2017. However, his ACR card haven’t been released yet. His flight is already on Dec 6 2016. Will he be able to get out of the country? Someone told us that if he didn’t present his ACR card, he can’t leave Philippines. We have the ACR card claim stub slip though.

  90. There will be no problem. If Immigration sees the 13A stamp in his passport, they will ask for the ACR card, but if all you have is the application receipt, that is good enough. They will charge him P2,880 at the airport for the ECC and reentry permit, which is normal.

  91. thank you so much for your reply!!! 🙂 That was a relief!

  92. I have a child in the PI,,who is 18 and has never left country. Has a Philippine pass and US passport. I know they will need ecc but will passports and ecc suffice to leave or exit country. I have heard recent news of Philippine citizen certificate of recognition as being a new requirement.

  93. If he is a U.S. citizen, then he should be able to leave with a valid ECC. I know nothing about the existence of a Philippine Certificate of Recognition, not that it would even matter or apply to a U.S citizen.

  94. Me and my 2 kids are US Citizen but plan to get dual citizenship this month. We plan to go to the Philippines this June and stay for 11 months. We will be using our US Passports to enter the Philippines. I emailed the Philippine Immigration in San Francisco if we will be required to fill ECC upon our exit. They told me to inquire at the immigration at the airport upon our arrival in Manila. Do you have information if we will be required to fill the ECC? Is this done at the Immigration office or at the airport when we leave?
    Thank you.

  95. Hi my partner that is a Philippine natural born citizen and she is going to travel abroad to live in my country dose she need a ECC to leave the Philippines? It will be her first time leaving the country…

  96. If you stay longer than 6 months then yes, you will be required to avail of the ECC. Remember, you will be travelling on U.S. passports which makes you a tourist.

  97. I’m not entirely sure that you don’t need some clearance to travel, but it is possible that you will simply clear through Immigration at the airport like “other” permanent residents. Of course there is only one way to be sure, by making a visit to a local BI Field office for some clarity.

  98. Hi!

    Are native born required to pay travel tax of Php1620 aside from the Php2880 for the ECC? I have been paying for both but just wanted to be sure that I am correctly paying as the Php1620 may not be required?

  99. I believe everyone must pay the travel tax (P1,620). If you are a Philippines passport holder, you should not have to pay for an ECC, unless you are using a foreign passport upon departure?

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