Impending Danger on Philippine Streets

There are dangers lurking, waiting to claim the next victim, and I warned them!

Don't Slip!
Don’t Slip!

Today I finished working on the yard outside our  compound and while sitting down to rest, I took in  and enjoyed all the children playing on the street.  Until some would ride their bikes past me (with some  three and four to a bike). It was then I was reminded  of the day when I was in 6th grade, and riding as a  passenger on the back fender of my friends bicycle, I  got my  left foot caught in the rear wheel between the  spokes  of the wheel and the frame. I remember that  bike  doing close to 20mph because my friend just  mounted a new speedometer on his handlebars. It  was a test run and he needed a speedometer  witness. Once my foot was lodged in the spokes, it  didn’t take but literally seconds to grind away all the  meat on the inside of my ankle, exposing nothing but  chipped bone and my Achilles tendon, which thankfully was not severed. So I took it upon myself to do a little show-and-tell using the large scar on my ankle as evidence of the dangers that relate to riding on the back of bicycles. While I had a rather large audience at times (about 7 kids), when I finished talking, they all went right back to riding their bikes as if nothing was learned. I retreated to my resting position on my stoop and finished drinking my beer. I could hear them in the distance singing in tune “watch your feet, watch your feet” as they all disappeared out of sight.

It’s just another day in paradise!

2 thoughts on “Impending Danger on Philippine Streets

  1. what a story ….. you are right sometimes riding a bike could be dangerous, I fell from one about a month ago and hurt one foot and my right shoulder, still hurts a lot …..
    I feel the filipinos are the most balanced people of the world ….. freak me out to see how many ride in a motorcylce 😛

  2. What’s ironic is that a fellow expat who I am fb friends with commented that he experienced the same injury when he was 6 years old. Scar brothers he calls us. It’s funny how when I explained (best I could) to the kids the dangers and showing them my scar, I had a bunch of scared and long faces. Ten minutes later they were back to riding bikes as before, like they knew nothing. Oh well. As far as on the motorcycle, I’ve had my wife and her sister on with me and I sure didn’t feel that comfortable with all the weight. I can’t imagine 6 or 7 on a bike.

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