Curious Kids in the Philippines!


Several weeks ago, I was lubricating a couple of padlocks with some WD-40 and a young fellow watching me asked “What seems to be the problem?” I told him there was no problem and tried my best to explain that I was just using the oil to keep the locks from rusting. A few days later I had our car jacked up in the car port and was plugging the front tire and when I looked up and there he was watching me. “What seems to be the problem?” he asked.  I responded “walang problema” (there is no problem), the tire was fixed, and again he just nodded in understanding while raising his eyebrows. A few days ago, I was cutting the grass and pulling weeds outside in the front of our compound and when I looked up, there he was standing there watching me. And can you guess what he asked me? Yup, “What seems to be the problem?” As it turns out, this is probably the only English sentence this 9-year-old knows…it’s basically the only question he ever has for me anyway. But I keep talking to him anyway and he keeps nodding his head and raising his eyebrows, like he completely understands what I’m talking about. Oh yeah, he will say “Good Morning” to me on occasion….in the middle of the afternoon!

No Shortage of Children!
No Shortage of Curious Children Here!

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