A COVID-19 Test and I’m Quarantined?

Not Feeling Well.

Throughout this entire pandemic, I have been skeptical… about everything. Seemingly, there has been a clear misinformation campaign, of sorts, taking place mostly because nobody (originally) knew anything about this virus. The more we seem to learn though, the less the media (and a certain segment of the government) wants to share with us about what’s real and what isn’t.  The fact that we are intentionally being kept in fear, IMHO, has become an entirely controversial subject, with conspiratorial overtones. From manipulated numbers to the free-flow of money. Millions of dollars!  Does the possibility of evil intent exist? Many of us can’t be sure, but the truth will come out in the end… hopefully.

Yesterday I was the most negatively affected by COVID-19 than I have been throughout this entire crisis. Somehow I accidentally inserted myself onto the Coronavirus hamster wheel and was worried about how I was going to get off. What most don’t know about me is that I suffer from bronchitis. Smoking for over 30 years is probably the primary culprit for my affliction and living in the Philippines for over 4 years didn’t help my cause either. Although I quit smoking nearly 16 years ago, the poor air quality in the Philippines has not been friendly to this ex-smoker and has helped contribute to the cause of developing chronic bronchitis. The constant exposure to air pollution – from diesel exhaust fumes to the burning of rice fields and trash – it all took its toll on my lungs over the years. Since moving to Guam though, it really hasn’t been an issue for me because here the air is much cleaner. I’ve fared much better here since moving here over 3 years ago. (If you are interested in learning about air quality and health risks anywhere, I will leave a link at the bottom of this page where you can compare for yourself.)

I’m in Complete Denial!

So anyway, I have been experiencing another bout with bronchitis. I’m not sure what triggered it this time but it could have been from working up a sweat while exercising outdoors then jumping into the ocean to cool off. That’s what my mother would have blamed it on anyway. I’ve had this nagging cough for going on three weeks so yesterday I decided I would go to the doctor and see if I could get looked at. I entered the Emergency Room because I knew as soon as I mentioned having a cough, they would tend to me immediately. Wrong!  As soon as I mentioned the cough, the  COVID questionnaire checklist suddenly appears.  I tried to explain to the ER sentry that I don’t have the virus and that I was experiencing a bronchitis flareup.  But who am I to diagnose myself in the middle of a pandemic?

After answering no to all questions except cough and headaches (headaches are from coughing), I was denied entry to the ER. Rather, I was directed to the COVID-19 testing station that had been set up across the street from the hospital in the Chapel’s parking lot. There I was tended to with curbside service of a temperature check and another interrogation. I was then told that in order to be seen at the hospital ER, I would need to take a COVID-19 test. I again became adamant and told the young thermo-checker that I didn’t have the virus. It was immediately clear though that would not win this battle against government procedures so I gave in. I thought, why not… what could it hurt. I was sure I didn’t have the virus, so I obliged the young hospital corpsman with his long nasal prodding tool. The process lasted only a few seconds but I’m pretty sure he tickled the back of my eyeball with that contraption… and it didn’t feel all that comfortable, trust me. Afterwards, he supplied me with some cough suppressants for the cough, and some Mucinex, and Sudafed for the congestion. I was then informed I was to enter quarantine! WTH? My B.S. meter was peaking!


I immediately challenged this young fellow’s instructions that I was to lock myself down and wait for the results of my COVID19 test. He basically told me “I’m sorry sir, but you have no choice… you are now a COVID-19 suspect and need to follow the rules.” I could not go to the store, the beach, the post office – NOWHERE. I was to return home and confine myself. WTH?  I just came here to see a Doctor, to maybe get some relief from my chest congestion, and maybe a chest Xray, just to be certain that my bronchitis was in check, and WHAM… I’m thinking I’m going down as a statistic!  I’ve read recently that the COVID19 testing is not perfect and that because COVID-19 is just one virus in the family of Coronaviruses (such as the common cold), previous exposure to another Coronavirus can possibly indicate a positive result for COVID-19. 

So is this how this game is being played? Inaccuracies in COVID-19 testing error to the side of “it’s positive-lets count it,” and is likely what is driving all the numbers up! It wouldn’t surprise me any. All I could have hoped for is that I would not become one of those numbers. And as it turned out… I didn’t!
I received my test results just this morning, and I was negative. And while still in seclusion, I just sat back in my chair and thought to myself… “I told you so!”

You can check on all Travel Health Resources at IAMAT (International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers). Just choose the particular “Health Risk” and “Country of concern” for the information you desire.

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2 thoughts on “A COVID-19 Test and I’m Quarantined?

  1. Not a surprise in a time where the most intellectually challenged among the masses seem to be the ones in charge.

    It’s great news they your test results were negative and I hope you get well soon. Fresh air, sunshine and a walk on the beach are also good medicine.

    Have they unlocked the prison door? Or are you still quarantined?

  2. I was under a lockdown only until I received my test results… about 24hours. I had the key so it was not really a big deal. Just the fact that I left the house a free man and returned under suspicion was my biggest beef. It’s that fresh air exercise and ocean swim to cool off too quickly that likely brought this (bronchitis) episode on in the first place. Thanks for commenting.

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