Considering a Move to the Philippines? There is so much to consider.

Ah, the simple life.

Tropical living, sunshine and tropical breezes, low-cost of living, fine women, cheap beer… wait, STOP!  That sounds like something a travel magazine would throw at you and while much of it might be true, there are many other considerations that should be visited before making a decision to pack up and move overseas, especially to SE Asia. In the Philippines, an expats biggest concerns should be health care. The Philippines is a tropical country and as such, diseases that are rare in the U.S.and other developed nations are more common in the Philippines.

Some Hospitals are not so modern!

Have Medical Concerns?

Approaching my 13th year living in the Western Pacific, I can attest to the many who have come before and after me to the Philippines to live with ongoing medical concerns, Then there are those who have experienced serious health issues after arriving here.  Most recently, the expat community in Calbayog City has lost a couple of our friends due to sepsis, very likely contracted while hospitalized in provincial hospitals.

The bottom line here is this: If you plan on living in the Philippines with a serious medical issue or concern, you should consult your medical professional about living with a condition that could be considered detrimental if immediate or satisfactory quality health care is not available.

Most expats in the Philippines arrive here without ever giving much thought to portable insurance or medical costs, and usually just deal with it when illness or tragedy happens. There are many resources available online that can guide you to make a better and more informed decision about health care and medical needs in the Philippines. After doing your due-dilligence and researching your specific needs, maybe an investigative trip would be in order to help you determine if your health care needs could be sufficiently met.

Makati Medical Center

While both Manila and Cebu boast excellent health care services, provincial health care can leave much to be desired. Some areas have negligible care or services. Reliable ambulatory services… forget about it.

The following link to information made available by the U.S. Embassy provides good health guidance for anyone desiring to locate to this part of the world. Maybe you can glean something from this information that might be pertinent to your own situation, if not it is at the very least, good advisement.

Check out the Medical Assistance page on the U.S. Embassy site.

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