Chinese Food Comes to Calbayog City

Calbayog City Now Offers Chinese Food!

When we first came to live in the Calbayog City area, it seemed as though there were a sufficient number of restaurants to choose from and our appetite for eating out on occasion could easily be satisfied. But after living here nearly two years now, we have whittled down the places that we enjoy eating at to only a handful of eateries that offer good food, a variety of choices, and good service, not to mention creature comforts like a clean and comfortable environment (preferably air conditioned) and clean comfort rooms. 

Su Chef Brasserie – Chinese Restaurant

Su Chef Chinese Restaurant
Su Chef Chinese Restaurant

 Just this past January, Calbayog City enjoyed the opening of its first  Chinese restaurant, Su Chef, Chinese Brasserie. Although we have  only had the pleasure of  eating here on two occasions, both times we  were  pleased with the service and the quality of the food. The  restaurant displays a neat and clean Chinese theme with spacious and  comfortable seating and white tablecloth dining in an air-conditioned  setting. I have met  the owner and he is dedicated to providing some of  the best quality food and dining experience that  Calbayog City has  to offer. He explained to me that in the beginning the menu was  somewhat limited but as time goes on, it will be expanded to  accommodate many new offerings, as supply and logistics will  consistently allow. He also entrusted me with the idea that being a new establishment, he surely didn’t want to serve anything to his customers that was not perfected in the kitchen first!  In addition to Chinese food menu items, Su Chef also offers a select variety of local Filipino dishes, some prepared with that special touch.

Comfortable and Clean Dining
Comfortable and Clean Dining

Su Chef is located at Gomezville, along the south side of the Maharlika Highway in Brgy. Capoocan in Calbayog City (across from Petron gas station in the renovated space previously occupied by the Honda Dealership).

 hey are open daily from 9am to 9pm and also offer catering services. Su Chef can accommodate groups for meetings and parties (reservations required for groups). For more information you can contact Su Chef at: Landine 91-303, Globe 0917-3863953, or Smart 0918-3963155.
You can also visit their Facebook page for more information and a peek at some masarap menu items!
See you at Su Chef!
Welcome to Su Chef!
Welcome to Su Chef!

If you are interested in locating other restaurants in the Calbayog city area, check out Calbayog Info’s Website. You can search for almost everything from food to a facial massage.


10 thoughts on “Chinese Food Comes to Calbayog City

  1. You’re forgetting the world renowned Chow King which been there for years, lol. 😛

  2. Ha, you and your midwest humor! Chow…meaning something eatable, and King meaning…alone, so I will interpret that as eat that stuff by yourself! he he

  3. Where in Calbayog are you living?

    We have a few lots in Narcesas (spelling) we need to build our home.

    We visit every few years. Family on Sto Nino island off of Calbayog.

  4. Hi Sailorjohn, we actually live about 12 clicks west of town along the coast. Much more quiet and I have the entire ocean at my disposal just outside my doorstep. I have seen a few new homes in the Narcissa Hills subdivision go up in the last two years. Hope to see you living here soon. Not a sailboat owner by chance, are you?

  5. I wish. No dark boat.

    We have access to a few pump boats on Sto Nino island.

    Hope to visit early next year.

  6. So funny to see your review when googling Su Chef! So what are some of the Chinese dishes they have?
    I am desperately looking for my beloved Chinese food and I just saw this restaurant today. Side note on Chow King: I actually really like their food, I find the Pork Lauriat very tasty. You just have to wait a horribly long time (for just fast food) and they share in the infuriating Philippine fast food restaurant habit of not having items available, even early in the day. You also have to keep expectations extremely low! And of course, I only know of them, Jolibee and Inasal for my trustworthy food choices. Retired, could you please write another article listing your 10 Calbayog restaurants with a mini-review? I would greatly appreciate that. Thanks!

  7. I will see what I can come up with. The owner at SuChef is Mr. Kirk, and has traveled extensively (US, Canada, Caribbean) and puts together a pretty good menu. The big problem with the out-of-stock issue is mainly refrigeration. Without reliable refs, many restaurants will not take much of a chance with large stock quantities. Bahala na as they say.

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