Change Has Come! Retired in Samar is now “Living in the Pacific.”

                              Living in the Pacific – Philippines

I have expanded my scope of living in a tropical paradise… I now live in two of them!  The result? My website Retired in Samar has undergone a name change. To my loyal readers, you already know this… that the new domain name is titled Living in the Pacific.”  I incorporated the name change to more accurately reflect our lifestyle of living in the Western Pacific (to include Guam), and not just in the Philippines.

Thanks for bearing with the changes we’ve made.  It wasn’t at all that bumby now, was it?

While all the information has been archived, you can still access the same site by using the previous  Retired in Samar URL, which will take you to the same familiar place. New posts and information about the Philippines will continue to be added so NO CHANGE there. The site continues to grow and undergoes constant organization, all the while expanding the blog’s content to include more information about life in Guam as another  potential tropical destination.  Thanks for your patience and hope you stay tuned for more of the same – “One Day at a Time!”

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   Living in the Pacific – Guam

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