Calbayog City Traffic Enforcers (and Video)

My friend Bob posted to facebook yesterday that he thought traffic in Calbayog City was getting more crowded and that drivers were becoming “stupider” and made the claim that he is nearly killed each day he drives. In defense of Calbayog City though, I must side with the idea that because one two main bridges that cross the river leading into the downtown area has been closed for renovation for some time now and just adds to the traffic congestion in the area. Like Bob, and because I also drive into Calbayog City, I must admit I might either be overly brazen or simply an idiot. I’ll take the overly brazen…need to in order to survive here with this crazy traffic. Normally, I have no problem but with the bridge closed, it definitely takes all one’s concentration to get where to get to your destination safely…and then some!

Yesterday we drove to town to do some errands and pick up some items. Normally you will find a traffic director at a few of the main intersections in town and yesterday was no exception as they were out in full force. Because of the heavy lunch hour traffic coming from the high school and college area, I guess it was determined that the busy intersections needed, not one traffic director, but TWO traffic guys, both standing in the same intersection directing traffic. With traffic cops here, you are never guaranteed your safety when they instruct you to proceed, because many times drivers just ignore them and do what they want to do anyway.

So there I am, with a front row position at this intersection, with two guys waving people to stop, proceed, turn, move, go-round, etc. It looked like a training session for traffic cops! After observing them for a few seconds, I could not be 100% sure they were in sync with each other so, I made the determination it was safer to do like everyone else and just drive off when the opportunity presented itself. It was better than just be sitting at the intersection waiting for somebody to run into something…or me!  So as soon as I had an opening, I directed myself through a left turn and headed out of town. When in Rome…ha! 

Funny thing, the traffic guys were so busy, I don’t think either one of them even noticed!  

Video by Math Lee

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