Calbayog City Public Market Demolished

New Market Opened For Business.
New Market Opened For Business.

CALBAYOG CITY, Samar — The City Government finally began the demolition of the old dilapidated City Public Market following the order issued by the City Engineering Office (CEO) through a written demolition order, the same day the court denied a petitioners Temporary Restraining Order to prevent the demolition.  Pictured on the right is the newly designed and constructed Public Market co-located adjacent to the also NEW Transportation Terminal.  Read complete Sun Star article here…..

The first video below shows the picket lines that prevented the demolition from moving forward at an earlier time until the new order was issued by the CEO. The second video shows the beginning of the demolition once all the petitioners became abandoned.



6 thoughts on “Calbayog City Public Market Demolished

  1. im glad the ol market is being demolished…. they already found three big snakes in the ol market, im sure there were more. The new wet market is up and running…Im praying that the people will understand the new mayor’s plans for making Calbayog a better place and more jobs result from more attractive tourism and new businesses take hold. There are so many graduating college students in Calbayog who could stay in their own town and have a job without having to go to Cebu or Manila or out of the country…. anyway…I love the people of Calbayog…they are special people to me….yes there are some who don’t have as much respect…but i find there are many more that do than don’t.
    I appreciate seeing Randy (Retired In Samar) comments and the pictures and other post of the philippines he always puts for us to see…. Thanks Randy and God Bless You and Yours…I have a same respect as you have for the Philippines and its Peoples.

  2. Thanks Tom for your nice comment. I too want to see calbayog grow with jobs for anyone that wants one. Maybe in a few years time this can be accomplished. Most of all, I just can’t wait to get there! Hope to catch up with you some day there and have a cold drink.

  3. Nice article Randy. I’ve got the same one on my site, but I didn’t think to look for videos. I hope to get to the new market very soon and take my own pictures.

  4. Personally I’m glad to see the eye sore being torn down. I do hope that the differences the vendors had with the new market stall prices were resolved though. It’s hard enough for most people to make a living around here without the overcharging.

  5. I have a question. How big is the new market? Can it cater to everyone who lost their stalls from the old market?

  6. Hi Ann, The new market is big enough and nicely designed but the problem as I understand it, is the stall rental prices went up substantially and there were a lot of complaints from many of the vendors. As a result many vendors did not make the move and now there are mini-markets popping up outside Calbayog city limits in other areas. Coming from the north side of Calbayog where we live is a hassle because we have to go completely through town to get to the market and the main bridge is under repair and causes major traffic snarls. I’m certain that things will work out eventually.

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