Calbayog City – City of Waterfalls!

Calbayog City – City of Waterfalls!

I keep seeing this and hearing this but there seems to be a lack of information as to where many of the area waterfalls are located and directions how to get to some of these scenic spots. (You may visit the Tourism office in Calbayog and they may or may not have maps available.) As far as finding some of the area’s falls, you usually will have to do your own information searching, or you will need to find someone who has actually visited one of the area’s scenic attractions, to offer more precise information.

Excerpts below are courtesy of the Calbayog Tourism and Information Office as taken from a post on their facebook page:

The two area falls are Bangon Falls and Tarangban Falls and both can be visited on the same visit as they are close in proximity.

– Location : Barangay Tinaplacan
– Distance from the City Proper : 45.2 km (north of Calbayog)

   a. Bangon Falls. Distance from the National Highway: approximately 3 km (45-minute trek)
b. Tarangban Falls. Distance from the National Highway: approximately 4 km (60-minutes to 1 hour trek)

– Bangon can be reached in 10 minutes via habal-habal ride. From the “entrance” to Bangon, one has to trek approximately 1 km uphill to Tarangban Falls.

Contact Persons:
– Hon. Virginia Paghubasan (Punong Barangay) Mobile Number 0929-590-2033
– Kagawad Vicenter Asoque (Chair of the Barangay Committee on Tourism)
– Mr. Domingo Portuna (Barangay Treasurer) Mobile Number 0939-797-83-07

Getting there:
1. Barangay Tinaplacan can be reached by any vehicle via the Maharlika highway.
a. Visitors staying at local hotels should inquire at your hotel as to the availability and rates of vans that can take you to the area.
b. If you are adventurous enough, there are motorcabs (centercars) that can be hired to take you to the area (approximately Php 1,500 for 8 persons) from Calbayog proper.
c. You may also commute by taking the Grand Tour van at Php 100 per person; and take a passenger jeep on your way back (not later than 3:00 pm).

2. It is suggested that guests leave Calbayog proper early (before 7:00 am)

3. Upon arriving Barangay Tinaplacan, go to the tourist reception booth or the Barangay Hall to register and / or get in touch with:
a. The Punong Barangay, or The Barangay Kagawad who chairs the Committee on Tourism, or the Barangay Secretary, or The Kagawad who is the Officer of the Day

4. Register. The Barangay is expected to have a logbook to this effect.

5. Hire the local guides. Often times the Barangay Tanods also serve as guides.

6. Hiking/Trekking is most recommended. But if you must need to ride, you can hire a Habal-Habal at your own risk. Price is Php 300 round trip/ max 3 passengers.

7. Tour Guide fee is at least Php 300.00 (tipping is encouraged).

8. There are no food outlets in the sites, please bring your own provisions.

9. Both Bangon and Tarangban Falls are both worth the trip. It is suggested that guests first go to Bangon for pictures and swimming, then proceed to Tarangban Falls for more swimming and for lunch.


Bangon Falls
Bangon Falls
Tarangban Falls
Tarangban Falls

Photos courtesy of Lawrence Tomnob.

Keep in mind that there are several waterfalls in the Calbayog Area and may require some trekking to get there. Intending visitors should know what and where before attempting to hike to some of these places. NONE of the area falls are rated for difficulty such as easy, medium, hard, etc. Also, prices indicated above are taken from the Tourism page so know that they could be subject to change or negotiable.

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