Bureau of Immigration Annual Report (AR)

Annual Report

According to the Bureau of Immigration’s website, March 3rd is the deadline for the Annual Report (AR) requirement which applies to all registered aliens and ACR I-Card holders except for those holding Temporary Visitor’s Visas or Tourist Visa holders. Typically, the AR should be done in the first 60 days of the year so maybe there were some holidays that were taken into consideration for the date to be pushed out to March 3rd. Nonetheless, after that date, there will be a late fee or monthly fine of P200 assessed. Refer to the website for complete details on Immigration’s requirements for filing of the AR.

Looking for a field office to file your AR?… Look Here.

I completed my annual report last week, and once again it was totally painless, and I was in and out of the branch office in Calbayog City in less than 10 minutes. It sure helps when there is no line! (There is never a line here.) I did print out the Online 2015 Form but later found out that the online filing requirement applies to those REPORTEES who failed to comply with the 2014 Form requirement. Last year I was asked for updated photos, so I also brought extra photos with me just in case, but it turned out I did not need them. The office clerk took my online form, conducted a simple computer update, took my 310 pesos, gave it to the Immigration Officer who verified it, gave me a receipt and I was headed home. And everybody was smiling this day. I sometimes wonder about those folks who seem to always complain that the BI folks are a bunch of rude people. Not in Calbayog City!

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