Breaking Ground in Calbayog City

Metro Store is Coming!
Metro Store is Coming!


CALBAYOG City – The Gaisano-led retailer Vicsal Development Group (VICSAL), owner and operator of the Metro Retail Group, the leading retail store based in Cebu City, on Tuesday broke the grounds for its 11, 380 square meters Metro Department Store and Supermarket in this city.

Metro officials were joined by….read more

All this building going on in Calbayog City seems to be perfectly timed for our arrival and settlement in Samar…just in the nick of time to satisfy my asawa’s appetite for shopping! I’m not sure if this is good thing. :/

Metro Gaisano Hypermarket soon to rise on Magsaysay Blvd.
Metro Gaisano Hypermarket soon to rise on Magsaysay Blvd.


5 thoughts on “Breaking Ground in Calbayog City

  1. I just got a email from the Electrical Supervisor on site there…. this is what he said: Sorry i just read this now. i haven’t check my email since.. the said project had a long stop because of finances problem, and i just started to work again there.. note: apparently there were some delays due to finances… let’s hope this don’t happen again before its completed. Im also hoping that it will be completed and also the closed bridge being rebuilt that has caused such an inconvenience getting in and out of Calbayog since I left there in Feb. I will try to get back there this Jun or sooner. God Bless…calbayogtom

  2. Hey Paul…I’m sure if you want to stand around all day and greet people they would either let you do it for free, or they would haul you off as basag ang pula!

  3. Where could I send my application for the new Metro Gaisano in Calbayog?
    I heard that they are in job fair.

  4. Hi Bernalisa. I’m sorry, but I have no idea about the job situation with Gaisano. If you are in Calbayog, you might be able to find out at one of the college job placement centers. Good luck.

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