Before Paradise – The Chronicles

Before Paradise – The Chronicles

A Planned Retirement to Samar Island, Philippines

Retired in Samar is living in the Pacific
I’m here, but not there yet!

The “Before Paradise” chronicled series of articles (below) was written as a  sequence of events prior to our leaving the U.S.  Each post details some of the decisions, events and experiences that preceded our retirement and departure for Samar in the Philippines.

Get an idea of what it takes to prepare and make it all happen – sometimes one day at a time. While dreaming of a move to paradise is easy enough, in real terms, all the planning and putting the plans to action can be rather complex. Waiting for your galactic alignment can be filled with frustrations and a myriad of decision-making scenarios. Follow my chronicles – from the oldest perspectives of “Then and There” up through our arrival to our chosen paradise.

Then visit the blog for the continuing “Here and Now” side of things as I update life from the perspective of actually being “Retired in Samar” – now known as “Living in the Pacific.

The below “Before Paradise” posts are in chronological order from newest to oldest. Click on DATE to link to the full article, or  you can simply visit all articles from the Before Paradise blog menu.  Have questions? Please use our Contact Us link.

7/3/2013  A Bittersweet End to leaving our home for the last 18 years.  We left Tupelo, Mississippi for the last time and as we passed the Welcome to ‘Tennessee’ sign and entered Memphis, we felt both happy and sad. Mississippi had been our home for the last 18+ years and it was time to begin our new adventure. We are both filled with nervous excitement, which will turn into complete exhaustion in the next 48 hours. But by then, it won’t matter because we will be living in the land of smiles! This will be the last post in the “Before Paradise” series of posts and hereafter, I will begin anew with experiences from my new perspective of actually being  “Retired in Samar.”

6/21/2013 One Margarita, two margarita, three margaritas Go! All things accomplished and a few things left to pack, we are almost ready. We just need to sell our camping gear, disconnect the utilities, hitch a ride to the airport…and we are gone!

6/20/2013 The Good, the Bad, and the Bureau of Animal Industry in the Philippines. When communications begin, it’s not just the Philippines that gets all the complaints. America has its own set of inefficiencies!

6/16/2013  Even Retired Guys get their Saturday afternoon nap interrupted every once in a while. This time however, it was well worth the inconvenience!

6/8/2013  We are Officially Unemployed and Unofficially Homeless as we head into the middle of June. We are now down to one vehicle and realize our new inconvenience that, once upon a time, was just the way it was…when one vehicle families were the norm!

5/31/2013  Dr.’s and X-rays and needles… oh my! All this for a little rubber stamp?

5/24/2013  The Kayak and the Coffee Pot. We have broke out the HAZMAT suits and are going to work. Our temporary quarters aren’t fit for a dog. There is much work to be done in exchange for some free rent!

5/21/2013 We Need More Cardio as we found out that delays in moving can definitely have an impact on one’s emotional and physical well-being. But we have moved and…

4/30/2013 It’s All Over and we are still here. We are definitely much lighter but aren’t going anywhere just yet!

4/9/2013 Pack The Cats, we are in an official state of mass confusion! It’s just like camping, only with a few more amenities!

4/8/2013  Just when the idea of retirement begins to sink in, I have to go back to work. This time, it’s not a paying job so to speak, but it does come with a big reward!

4/1/2013 Just Another Manic Monday or, so the song goes. The reason for singing? ….no, we didn’t buy a karaoke machine. But maybe now we should! Our house has finally received an offer, and when the details are worked out, we will be officially underway!  Stay tuned>>>>> 🙂

3/28/2013  I Built it, and They Came!  As a real estate broker myself, I should have done this sooner than I did, but I may have placed too much confidence in my fellow REALTORS®. Lesson learned.

3/3/2013  Photo Mania may be easier today with digital applications, but it’s just not the same. Photo albums – nothing beats them with a cup of hot cocoa!

1/31/2013 Moving Right Along. Yesterday was good, but today a couple of things happened, but only one was an uplifting event. Maybe St. Joseph is working overtime…

1/27/2013 Help Wanted! Today I employed additional help to get our house sold more quickly. And if this works, it may change me forever!

1/22/2013 Calling all Investors! Today I will dispose of some relics found in our back yard. With some luck, it will all pay for some refreshing cold air!

1/22/2013 Please Pass the Biscuits! When it come to things you’re really fond of, it’s just that much harder to let go.

1/18/2013 I Might as Well be a Blind Monkey. The separation has begun… separating me from my junk. I love my junk and even though I haven’t seen some of it for a long time, I still love it!

1/16/2013  Lost and Found. When the packing begins, you just never know what you might find packed away in the attic or in the bottom of a closet or elsewhere. It just could be worth something like… 100 cases of San Miguel Beer!

1/16/2013  It’s Cold and Getting Colder! The organizing and de-cluttering dilemma. Everyone moving overseas must go through it and it can be painful!

1/6/2013  I Sold It!  Do you need to sell stuff before departing for the Philippines? Online classifieds may be a good place to start!

12/27/2012 Working to Live – It’s Insane. Reflecting on a past blog from my previous career in real estate, I’m feeling really good about my decision to move to paradise.

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