More Lucid Covid-19 Thoughts

The Battle Continues… I just seen a news clip where CNN’s Jim Acota commented on President Trump’s most recent Covid-19 press conference, that it was the “most stunning briefing” he ever sat through, calling it “downright chilling.” Acosta said he had “never seen President Trump like this” and insisted he believes that the president is […] Read More

Coronavirus on Guam? Not Officially Yet!

Persons Under Evaluation (PUE) Two patients on Guam are being evaluated for coronavirus (COVID-19). According to the Department of Public Health and Social Services,  one PUE is at Guam Memorial Hospital, after being transferred from Guam Regional Medical City, and the other PUE is in home isolation.  A release from the Government Complex in Adelup, […] Read More

Facebook Now Sucks!

Today’s post is brought to you by the censorship folks at Facebook. A couple days ago, I received a notice from facebook that a recent post was removed for violating facebook’s own Community Standards. Before I could even ascertain whether it was a comment or post that was removed, I received another message… this time […] Read More