Blame it on the Mysterious “Samar Triangle.”

The Case of the Missing Adapter.

Yesterday, my wife’s house cleaning helper comes over and begins her routine. Her first plan was to tackle my computer corner and all that entails, so I decided to sign off and make myself scarce until she was finished. I grabbed my Nook and retired to the bedroom where I could read my latest download on my reader tablet. There was only one problem – my Nook was powerless…dead….kaput. No problem I thought, I can plug it in and still do a little reading with some restricted movement, besides, it wouldn’t be long before I was back at my desk in the corner banging away at my keyboard about something or another. Now where did I put that charger?

A Nook Charger/Adapter
My missing Nook Charger/Adapter

My Nook has been in the same place either charging or collecting dust now for the last 26 consecutive months, on the TV stand in the living room. There is where I charge it and keep it plugged up to the same AVR (automatic voltage regulator and transformer) that our flat screen TV is plugged into. Nothing else is ever plugged in at this spot for reasons of protection for our imported, 110 Volt, 52” flat screen TV. This one AVR is dedicated to that purpose alone…and my Nook, so that NOBODY ever gets anything confused, messes up plugging something up and blows the flat screen from here to Honk Kong by mistake. Trust me – it happens here in the Philippines just as sure as Mr. Murphy is a world traveler. Ask any expat that has experienced living here. So, now where did I put that charger again? Hmmm. It was not where it should be.

Begin the Search.

I began my search in the living room in the immediate vicinity of the TV, and eventually, I wound up searching the entire house. Twice! I looked in every drawer and cabinet there was. I even rummaged through some old suitcases thinking I might have left in one when we last traveled (I hadn’t taken it anywhere for some time as I remember, but I looked in them anyway.) Nothing. I did happen to find a Verizon brand adapter, also with a USB port for connecting a tablet or phone. Strange thing is, we don’t own any Verizon equipment…none! There is no Verizon in the Philippines that I know of!  WTH? When I was searching the house and all the places that could swallow up a small phone charger, I began to notice that I was finding other phone chargers…not ours, but somebody elses. One here, one there, several of them! My Nokia phone charger was in its dedicated plug and my wife’s Samsung charger was also plugged into her dedicated outlet. When I finished searching, I had accumulated 7 different charging units, which included the Verizon charger. Some were from brands we have never used like Cherry Mobile and Motorola.

Must be Charger Junction!
I’m living in a “Phone Charger” trap!

Samar (Charger) Triangle?

Okay, so now what? I have multiple phone chargers, none of which belong to me, and still have not found my Nook charger/adapter. I had to ask my wife at this point where all these mysterious appliances are coming from and she admitted that she had no clue. Nobody has ever asked us whether they had left their charger at our house? Nope. These are orphaned chargers of the mysterious kind – they belong to no one!  How strange. Over the last couple years, there have been phones coming and going with all the relatives and such, plugged in here, plugged up there, but nobody ever seems to lose their phone or claims to have lost their charger. If anything, I do get asked occasionally by maybe a niece or nephew, if they could borrow my Nokia charger for a few minutes! Ha, this must be a clue. They do not have one, so they are using mine! I’m beginning to get the picture. Kids will lose or forget their charger here at our house, and rather than to search for it, it’s just easier to borrow a friend or relatives charger for a quick charge (at someone else’s expense?). Hmmm.

The "Verizon" brand?
The “Verizon” brand I found in the house.

I Need Colombo!

I’m starting to lean towards the conclusion that because my missing Nook adapter has been in the same location for so long, somebody must have assumed it wasn’t being used any longer, and well…you can guess the outcome. Could there be a Verizon Fairy in our midst?  OR…a cell phone aswang? It’s looking like a mystery that needs Detective Colombo.

I'm so confused!
I’m so confused!

Going forward, I might just hang all those chargers that I found here at the house [like on display] and when someone needs one, they can claim one and I will ransom it back to them. Then again, if I happen to accumulate any more chargers or adapters, I will seriously consider opening a pawn shop…or an ukay-ukay of sorts. It would be a start anyway. At least I still have my cord, which would have been much harder to replace.


AND, the really, really strange thing in all of this (with the Twilight Zone theme song plying in my head)…the Verizon wall adapter has the same specs as my Nook adapter and fits the USB cable that plugs up to the Nook! 

In spite of all of this weirdness, I’m still in operation and my Nook stays charged. No harm done after all. But I remain confused nonetheless!


6 thoughts on “Blame it on the Mysterious “Samar Triangle.”

  1. Keith, the Verizon adapter I found works fine. The Nook charger’s output was 1900ma while the Verizon only outputs 1000ma. Not a problem except it equates to like filling up a bathtub with a cup instead of a bucket…it just takes a little longer. Oh, and I’m definitely gonna hide this one!

  2. didn’t lose or gain any extra cords. but something I found kind of amusing I went to the store and told them I needed to get a surge protector. the sales lady ask do you want a AVR no I don’t need a automatic voltage regulator I need a surge protector then she says ESP I ask what she means. she then shows me the surge protector that I had pointed out to her to let me see. she then says to me they call this a ESP for electric surge protector. I just laghed and said ok. do you you have a GSP she looks dumbfounded and says what is that I told her gas surge protector. she just looks at me and says no sir. I had to laugh if it’s a surge protector Acourse it’s electric so I told her.

  3. That’s funny Roger. While communicating here in the Philippines can at times be frustrating (most times just as much to the filipino), it can also be comical in it’s own way. I think the AVR also has a surge protection system built into it. Next time you have a chance, look at the box and read through the specs listed…I remember seeing surge protection somewhere on the box.

  4. Probably…never thought of that! About the only thing they will hear though is the opening of a cold bottle of San Miguel from time to time!

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