Biringan City – A Tale? or Truth?


On the island of Samar in the Philippines, is hidden a city called Biringan. Its inhabitants are free to travel abroad. But not just anyone from the outside world can visit Biringan. One must be invited. You could drive to Biringan City, but only if you are lost. You could be the victim of an abduction, by an Engkanto. Or you may enter through a portal. Portals are said to exist in the cities of San Jorge, Gandara, Calbayog and Catarman. A portal may coincide with a certain rock or tree. Or the portal may be without landmark, like an unmarked spot in the middle of a field.

This video is published on Retired in Samar by request of video creator, Bill Madon.

6 thoughts on “Biringan City – A Tale? or Truth?

  1. Why to visit such a place, if they don’t want to see You there? Avoided! To be kidnapped or abducted? So, terrorist are living there? Let them bu stuck with themselves.

  2. The trouble spot in the Philippines has always been in SW Mindanao and the Sulu region. There are terrorists everywhere these days, some more bad than others.

  3. Let them stay with themselves. I am not interested to go there.

  4. Let them stay with themselves. I am not interested to go there.

  5. Biringan is a place where ”engkanto” live. Adults said that ‘Engkanto’ is not humans, they have powers they can deceive you.Engkanto is known as the ‘in charge of nature’ they can’t hurt you physicaly but by providing you a fatal disease that mostly doctors cannot treat.

  6. You mean fatal diseass like diabetes, turbuculosis, respiratory failure, stroke and heart disease? I guess it’s much easier to blame something or someone else for the peoples woes. lol

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