[Video] Biking in Samar

Go along on a mountain bike ride with Joni Albesami Bonafacio of Trexplore Adventures from Catbalogan City, Samar. Joni and friends will take you to some of the most desolate interior places of Western Samar where few people ever see and experience. Witness Samar and it’s beauty in the Raw.

3 thoughts on “[Video] Biking in Samar

  1. Excellent video sir, can you provide me details such as contact persons and information on hotel and transport facilities?

    Our biking group based in Manila would like to plan for a biking tour of your area in Samar. Name of our group is Plantersbank Bike Group.


  2. Hi Leo. as soon as I get to Calbayog city I will try to find out who to contact in the local biking association for more information. It may take me a few days as I will be new to the area and will have to locate somebody. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you biking around Samar island soon.

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