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A Better Taxi Cab Company!

I’ve heard all the rumors about the exorbitant fares that tricycle drivers and taxi cab drivers alike charge in Angeles City. It was hard to believe and I’ll admit that it borders on ridiculous, but still most foreigners pay! Why? I say start taking jeepneys!

Pick one, they're all crooks!
Pick one, they’re all crooks!

Recently, my wife and I came through Clark hoping to catch a military Space-A flight (see article) and upon arrival in Angeles City, we were subjected to these higher than high fares. On principle, I could usually argue a fare down after a lengthy negotiation about how long I’ve been coming to the islands, that I’m not a tourist, and all that, but it took a lot of effort. I managed to negotiate a P100 trike fare to P50 only after I told this guy I had been coming to these islands more years than he has been living. All in all, it really was not worth the hassle and I understood why patrons were at the mercy of this system. So we boycotted the trikes and taxis and succumbed to jeepneys for our everyday transportation back and forth from our hotel to Clark Air Base. It was definitely a hassle with our luggage and all but I am just about a stubborn old coot and refuse to partake in the rip-off scheme. Until we met “Nick!”

Good News For Travelers!

After meeting up with a certain taxi driver “Nick,” we learned that he was not part of the conspiring taxi business that literally were ripping off their customers. He actually drove for a company that was a relative newcomer to the Angeles City taxi scene (4 days). His company actually operates out of Manila and we also had the opportunity to meet and ride with the company’s operations manager to Manila. The company operates 85 cabs in the Manila area and either one or two cabs currently in the Angeles City area. He explained that the taxi system in Angeles was currently under government scrutiny and that changes would be forthcoming soon…such as all cabs would be strictly regulated and would require all operators to outfit all cabs with fared meters. How soon, he couldn’t say, but he assured me that if you call his company, whether in Angeles City or Manila, they will offer the best fare to their clients. All their cabs in Manila are currently metered.

As an example of their fairness, a normal taxi ride from the Clark International Airport to the center of town ranges from P350-400. Nick offered us a minimum fare of P100. Nick actually arranged for us to be transported by his operation manager, Allen, all the way to Manila for P500. Normally I wouldn’t waste my time with promoting cab drivers or any specific company in the Philippines, but with this company I was really impressed. I promised them for the great and honest service they provided me and my wife, I would help promote them.

“BEST” Transport Service

The name of this company is BEST Transport Service and can be reached in Angeles by calling Nick in Angeles at 0943-322-2768 or when in Manila, 0917-521-9361 (Allen, Operations Manager).

If you’re looking for a better deal, try these folks. Great people, both knowledgeable and pleasant. Their motto is The Client Always Comes First!

10 thoughts on “Best Transport Service – Angeles City, Manila

  1. sounds like BEST Transport Service is actually the BEST Transport Service

  2. I have been using Uber in Manila for a while already. Works very well. I always feel they charge too little.

  3. Kalle, sounds good. Now that I know someone that has used Uber, I will for sure try it out next time up there in the NCR. And your comment “Charge too little”, well that is an oxymoron in itself when talking Manila! he he

  4. how can i phone call transport service if I have US sim card?

  5. I don’t think you can without a large expense. You can purchase a local “Sim Card” for less than $1USD. You might want to try using UBER instead, especially in the Angeles City area!

  6. i was trying to get idea of rate from clark airport to hotel in field ave but uber is asking for payment so i didnt sign up. do you know how much it would be for uber?

  7. Because UBER is a non-cash payment system, you must have a credit or debit card to create an account. When you schedule a pick-up, you will always be asked if you want to pay with card or cash. I don’t believe they will give out rates or fare estimates without having an account, but I can guarantee you it is MUCH MUCH cheaper than the local rip-off taxis in that area. My guess from Clark Airfield to Fields Ave would be less than P150.

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