[Before Paradise] My Resignation!

This was my resignation posted on my Active Rain ( http://activerain.com website for real estate professionals) Page!

After a productive 12 years in real estate, I have made the difficult decision to retire again. During my short but fulfilling second career, I have enjoyed some really good times in real estate, and like many others, I have gallantly navigated through some deep and troubled waters in recent years. This time around though, my goal is to pack up and move on from our home in

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Tupelo, Mississippi, to my chosen paradise. As I progressed from rookie agent up through managing broker/owner of a national franchise, the real highlight during my busy years has truly been helping people achieve the dream of homeownership. There is nothing more enjoyable than handing buyers the keys to their first home and being witness to the look of excitement and relief on their faces. Along with these feelings of a complete sense of accomplishment, nothing has been more satisfying to me.

Much like the anxiety associated with finding and purchasing that first home, the same anxiety can exist when the idea of retirement finally approaches. For generations of Americans, retirement has always been considered the final installment in the Great American Dream payout. However, the aftermath of the recent Great Recession and our country’s lethargic economic situation has forced many retirement plans to be left on the drawing table. The notion of enjoying a full retirement for many remains just that – a notion. And for others, aside from all its ambiguity, it has completely dropped off of their “bucket list” altogether.

I can say one thing for certain – if you think you can’t afford to retire, then you will never retire! Such negative thoughts like this are the same ones we are taught as real estate agents to combat. As successful agents, we have been trained to the point where negativism’s should no longer occupy space in our mindsets! But know this – there are viable retirement alternatives to many people these days and it just requires practicing the concept of “out-of-the-box” thinking. Have you ever thought about living overseas?

Please visit my website Retired in Samar for more insights into retiring, moving, and living overseas.


3 thoughts on “[Before Paradise] My Resignation!

  1. Randy… I just want you to know that I so much appreciate your post on a variety of subjects, places, and whatever stuff…. I always check your post on fb and when I get a email ref your retiredinsamar…im interested to see your posting and read what you have to say. Im amazed at your skill to put so many stories and experiences in a sometimes funny and sometimes just informational way… you know I have been to the Philippines for the past 5 years…I have learned a lot about the culture and native people and goings on there, but your post always seem to give me a more encouraging perspective. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good journalism for us all out here to read and enjoy! I hope to be back in Jun or the beginning of jul…and Im a little happier now that I got a new camera that works when I want it to work…. take care Kuya! calbayogtom

  2. Good to hear from you Calbayogtom! Thanks for the nice words. I know I haven’t been the most reliable blogger of late but now that the internet has supposedly been fixed, I will be contributing more stuff on a regular basis. So much to see and photograph and document for those that need the info. I just spent 5 hours online with a friend in Las Vegas and basically redesigned and optimized the site. How do you like the new look? Anyway, you will be back in June and we can plan on taking some bike trips. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. I like the new look better! Keep up the good blog.

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