Are We Living in a Warped World?

It Just Don’t Seem Right!

Last week when the news broke about Kanye West’s $53 million dollar debt problem, I though to myself, “What a fool! … he should have done better with his earnings and spending his money. I thought this guy really lacks frugality!”  And that is about all the thought I gave to it. Period. Until I learned that someone out there feels bad enough for poor Kanye West to crowd fund his alleged $53 million debt. Then I looked into it further and discovered where some 30 campaigns have been launched to raise money for this fool. Some of Kanye West’s most loyal fans are trying to help the rapper out after he claimed in a Twitter rant he’s a whopping $53 million in debt. Dozens of his fans launched crowd funding campaigns to raise money for West on GoFundMe. And in further proof of his lack of critical thinking skills, after he Tweeted that he is $53 million debt, he then Tweets “@ Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas.” As Stephen Colbert puts it “Brilliant! I can’t think of a better way to reach out to the founder of Facebook than to the one place he is sure to look – Twitter!”

So I figured if people are that generous to fund somebody so ignorant and greedy (who may not actually be in debt by the way), why couldn’t I launch a GoFundMe site to generate some money to do something good. With a number of modest contributions, I could build two outdoor racquetball courts for the local kids here in the Philippines which would go a long way toward promoting overall health and welfare to the younger members of society here. An abundance of lack of guidance combined with bad influences, terrible eating habits, and excessive sugar intake contribute to many childhood illnesses, specifically diabetes. And in the end, there is simply not enough for these kids to do and many will eventually fall into the ways of the dark side of the Filipino culture that is smoking, drinking, gambling and other bad vices later on in life. The bigger kids mostly get to play organized basketball but many other kids are left out, usually because of lack of size and ability and maybe because there is usually only one court per community. Some kids will play badminton and volleyball, but again, basketball players have priority over the courts, so many Filipino children result to playing in the street whenever they can. I have already been alloted space in two locations to build the courts but desperately need the funds to make it happen. To date, we have collected over $250 which is being held in trust by World Outdoor Racquetball (WOR) in Lake Oswego, Oregon – the home of WOR.

Then I learned later that Mr. West has announced that he will not take any of the money from the many crowd funding sites that have been launched in his name. Maybe he is embarrassed because he really isn’t broke. Great, if Mr. West really don’t need the money, maybe he can donate all the money raised on his behalf to our cause, because these kids REALLY need it. And to think Mr. West purchased a small island¹ here in the Philippines. Really!  And I’m way to humble to ask for it from the likes of Mr. Zuckerberg.

I’m Looking For Your Help!

If you are reading this, please consider helping out and send a few dollars to my GoFundMe campaign. In addition to the money we have already collected, we still need additional funding for our project to become a reality.  Any help would be appreciated, and if not in the form of cash donations, then you can help by sharing this message. And if anyone should happen to know Kanye West personally, maybe you can get him to sell just one of his elaborate furs! I thank you.

For more information on how to contribute, please visit my GoFundMe site. This fundraiser is in no way affiliated or connected to World Outdoor Racquetball (WOR) other than I asked them to hold any donated funds in trust. Please note that this is a personal venture mine alone. If you need to feel comfortable and wish to vett me further, you can locate me on the WOR organization’s Directors List. You can contact me via my published email address on that site or by using the contact page on this site.

Thank you in advance for your help and consideration.

Simple courts are all we need.
Simple courts are all we need.
Or this!
Or this!


1. Foreigners cannot own land here in the Philippines but they can effect a long term lease, which is likely what Mr. Kanye West accomplished.


3 thoughts on “Are We Living in a Warped World?

  1. Some famous people are just idiots.

    In 2014 I was thinking it would be good to buy a cheap lot and then setup some above ground water activities, play sets etc for all ages.
    Then I relized the homeless would move in, the claims against me for injuries may be large.
    So I canned the idea.

    Western kids don’t know how well they have it.

  2. Playgrounds and equipment, while donated to the community might be an honorable gesture, could get you caught up in some potential gold digging activities… I’m sorry to say. Only way I would consider it is to donate playground equipment to the barangay with a waiver of liability. If the barangay would accept all liability in writing, I could live with that.

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