Another Mango Moment

Sweet Mango Moment

Last week I went into town for some office supplies and took along my 23-year-old nephew for a ride-a-long. While in town, he decided to look around for a new Polo style shirt so I dropped him at several places. After carousing three different stores, he came up empty. So I suggested going to the “Five Star” Department store which is a three-story variety store In Calbayog City that carries a little of something for everyone. When I pulled up, he was ready to jump out and I told him “hold on, I’m going to park and come inside with you.” He asked me what I was going to look for and I replied “Nothing, I’m just going to the third floor and chase the girls around.” After a short pause with an astonished look on his face he replied “You are going to chase girls Uncle?” I explained that I wasn’t really going to chase them, but more like herd them. Usually when I go to the third floor (where they seem to put all the non-English speaking sales girls), and when the young ladies see a foreigner coming, they all immediately scatter in opposite directions. Because they know very little English, it is a struggle to try to communicate with a foreigner like myself, who keeps asking many questions. It is also well-known in the Philippines that folks here claim to get a nose bleed from having to think too hard. So, I like to just move around the floor to see if I can herd and trap about 3 or 4 of them together. Once they are cornered, they will huddle together and start giggling. As I approach, they will get nervous and turn pale. This is an excellent time for me to fire off tons of questions and cause multiple nose bleeds at the same time. Being retired, it’s a fun and challenging activity that kills a little time anyway.

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  1. Very funny ….. I would like to have that hobby …… 🙂

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