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Welcome to Samar - San Juanico Bridge in Philippines

Welcome to Living in the Pacific! (a.k.a. Retired in Samar)

Have you ever thought of just packing up and moving to paradise, wherever that may be? Of course you have! At some point in most people’s lives (usually later in life), priorities tend to shift, and new and vivid thoughts of improving one’s quality of life begin to emerge. And when these thoughts begin to dominate, we eventually begin to focus on the things that are most important to us. When we think of our Golden Years, we tend to look at places that may be warmer and where our income or retirement goes farther. We all tend to long for the “good life”.

For many retirees,  the idea of moving to the paradise they have always envisioned will always be nothing more than a collection of passive thoughts. Just another dream. Helen Keller once said “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

San Juanico Bridge from Leyte To Samar
    San Juanico Bridge from Leyte To Samar

For many folks, life abroad can be rewarding and for those who do a little planning, it can make all the difference – between “working-to-live” and “total relaxation.”  Everyone deserves a greater fulfillment of life during those “Golden Years.  To “live like a “king” is the way some people envision (or dream it). Can you imagine a life filled with warm and friendly people, coconut trees, blue lagoons, beautiful beaches and warm tropical weather – all without paying an arm and a leg for it? Well, it’s very attainable to anyone who has the determination to look in the right places.

Could You Live in the Philippines?

Calbayog City on the island of Samar is the location where my wife and I have chosen to build our retirement mecca. Within this site I explain the why’s, how’s, and when’s – all relating to My Enchantment and the decision, planning, execution, and our ultimate arrival to the island of Samar. All of this site’s blog posts have been organized and segregated  into the “Before” (up to and including our move) and the “After” (our life in retirement).

We chose to retire in the Philippines and on the third largest Island in the archipelago, Samar.  Our retirement home is located near Calbayog City and the area offers an abundance of unspoiled natural beauty, beaches, waterfalls and caves, and many other outdoor activities. If you have ever thought about living in the Philippines, you have probably tossed around the idea of which island would be right for you. The choices are many but if you are looking for less congestion and more serenity, then you should consider putting Samar Island on your list of places to visit. Or, if you already live in the Philippines, plan a trek on over to the Eastern Visayas.  It’s easier to get here than you think – by air from Clark or Cebu, or by ferry service from Cebu. You can also get there by ground transportation from the North via ferry from Matnog, Luzon or via the southern route from Leyte.

Caving in Samar
                          Caving in Samar

One of the least traveled islands, Samar is said to provide more unspoiled natural beauty than any place in the Philippines. Made up of steep to rolling hills, fertile valleys, and coastal plains, it is home to many natural wonders like rivers and rapids, waterfalls, and beautiful rock formations. Samar is also a cavers (spelunkers) paradise with hundreds of caves to explore, with many who claim there are more caves here than anywhere else in the Philippines. With beautiful vacant beaches and great diving locations, there is much to see and experience in Samar and the island should definitely be considered for a visit and a look around.

         Deserted beach in Northern Samar


On this site, you will find  information gathered from multiple sources including news articles and videos, with helpful hints, official information, and even personal opinions and accounts of everyday real life – all with the  goal of providing a better understanding of having a choice… a choice of living the “good life” anywhere in the Philippines, or right here on the island of Samar.

Please feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts and your own personal experiences with us, regardless of where you live, for the benefit of everyone who holds a desire to discover their own paradise.

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However you choose to come to Samar for a visit, you will almost surely say to yourself, why didn’t I come here sooner? Whether you are looking for tranquility or outdoor adventure, make sure to put Samar on YOUR bucket list.  And when you do visit, make sure to look me up in Calbayog City!

All alone re-touched
                                Yet another deserted beach!

Discover Samar, Before Others Do!

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