Home in the Philippines – A Week in Review

Busy, but Slow!

It’s not often I write a “Week in Review” or a blog diary of sorts, but maybe it’s because of brain drain this week. Or more likely, because I have been focusing more on my YouTube Channel lately. In any case, I have been busy in that sense, but nothing else that is notable has been going on. I haven’t even cut the grass for about two weeks. Earlier in the week you would have never noticed the grass growing, then I wrote my last article about our “Hot Weather” and it seems to have rained almost every day since. Now my yard is looking rather shaggy, which is not normal for somebody that is as anal retentive as I am.

I'm surrounded by estrogen!
I’m definitely out numbered!

We had a trio of nieces (16, 16 & 17yo) spend a few days with us last week and on Saturday we had an all-day brownout, so we took them to the local Nature Park & Trail. I needed to take some more video footage of the back stairs leading down to the beach for part II of that video project (which I already published – see link to video below). The girls, not knowing my real motives for bringing the camera, thought it was all about a photo shoot for them! So, I obliged them. Later in the day, I took them all to the resort next door as two of them don’t know how to swim. I played swim instructor for about an hour, then we just chilled under the coconut trees on the beach before we headed back to the house. That evening, the girls helped me cut up vegetables for a big pot of chili and then we all played a game of dominoes while the chili was simmering. Only one out of three girls liked the chili and reverted to rice for supper. But that’s okay… leaves more for me!

The next day, we took them to an expat friends house in barangay San Policarpo for that village’s fiesta. Two of the girls have since returned home and one remains here at the house. We are getting rather used to having her around during her summer vacation as she is not your typical western teenager. She helps her Tita and me around the house and even does windows with nary a complaint. Of course it helps when I send her a “phone load” from time to time – which is kinda like payment for my afternoon grilled cheese sandwiches that she enjoys making for me. I’m not sure who exactly is getting spoiled here! On several occasions I have taken her to Calbayog City or dropped her off somewhere and she always finds her way back on her own. The other day, I dropped her off at home about (5 km away) on my way to town and by the time I returned home, she was back already. So now I call her the “Boomerang Girl.” She likes cooking breakfast for us and I’m not one to complain except she begins cooking breakfast early, like just after I wake up. I need my coffee in the morning and I like to eat around 8am, after I’ve accomplished a few things and am completely awake. I think she likes coming here because she can work on improving her already good English with me. She says I motivate her. And, with the house being air-conditioned, I think it is a win-win for her. Ha!

It looks like my blog traffic is finally returning to “pre-porn hack” levels. I’ve come to realize that when you drop off Google’s radar, it takes a while to get re-acquired! There are a couple of important things that will cause Google to forget about you; no new content, and no traffic to the site! But now, I just have to learn to balance my workload between the blog, my YouTube Channel, and my lawn! Oh yeah, and in between the chauffeur duties for my niece!


Niece "Glaiza"
Our Niece “Glaiza”



10 thoughts on “Home in the Philippines – A Week in Review

  1. Randy, Your “A Glimpse of Calbayog…” video is great! You covered all of the good stuff. I feel like heading back down there ASAP! Thanks!

  2. Great video Randy,the city should hire as there tourism czar.thank you

  3. Hi great video. This country looks like a completely different place when you get out of the parking lot called Manila

  4. Great video randy!!!!!!
    We are looking foward to Closing on the sale of are home here. And getting all are paperwork in line for are move. Next Wednesday my wife goes to the Philippine consulate and reaquires her Philippine citizenship so then she will be dual citizen. Apply for her Philippine passport and start working on my 13A visa. Goal to be ready to go in August.
    Hope you got your yard cut….

  5. Thanks and hope all goes smoothly. Cutting the grass today and should be done before 8am. Hope to see you in the fall… when it is still hot and humid here! he he

  6. Randy, It is great reading about your endeavors there again. I have wondered how you and your honey were doing. Please keep me informed, updated and if I can help you here, I will be delighted,. We also plan on moving back to the Philippines in a few months. Tess wants to get her citizenship first. I also want my permanent residency before coming back. It would be great if I can get the government there to allow me toi get my brokers license, etc. so I can bring in extra money. We want to build a home this time.

    Bless you my brother. My number is 615-556-1834.

  7. Hi Grady! Thought I’d lost track of you. I have already inquired about the real estate broker thing an am sorry to say it is not allowed by law. You can (jointly with your wife of course) start a website for advertising local rentals or properties for sale. There are national sites, but they are way too cumbersome for someone looking in just a local area. You can advertise and market properties, as long as you provide NO functions that require licensing as a sales person, broker, or appraiser. Check into getting your 13A Visa at the Consolate in Chicago… that is if you are still in MS.

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