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Update From the Western Pacific!

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I wrote a blog post. One should never assume that there is nothing to do whilst trying to act like you are retired and living in paradise because it’s far from the truth! Life for me has been good lately… busy, but good. Our daily routine finds usat the gym about 4-5 mornings per week, me playing racquetball or working out, and Teri doing her Zumba, TRX, Kick Boxing or whatever it is that she does. I can affirm that this is the best medicine on the planet for staying healthy in retirement. Okay… exercise and eating less pizza, burgers, and ice cream! Maybe that’s why I do go to the gym, to justify eating anything I want. I know that’s a poor excuse, but it’s the only one I’ve got and I’m sticking to it!

Usually on our way home from the gym, we might stop off to pick up groceries or other needed things, or to run other errands. Occasionally we will hit a coffee shop and chill for a while before we head home. Some days we might even hit a quiet beach spot before heading home. Before lunch, I might log some computer time and after lunch it’s usually a nap. Some days, it’s not unusual for me to grab a power nap before lunch, eat lunch, then take another nap around mid afternoon. Our mornings and evenings are reserved for getting out and doing things as it is just too hot under the mid-day tropical sun to be out an about, unless we are hangin’out in shaded beach waters somewhere.  That is probably what I love most about this part of the world… It’s easy to find a spot to chill in the shade at the water’s edge, and sometimes even relax in the water under the shade of a coconut tree!

Guam beach in the shade

Work… Relax… Work… Relax

My afternoons are spent mostly on the computer… sorting video and picture files, video editing, browsing  and reading about current events. Some days I might just find myself wrapped up in old episodes of Gunsmoke or Mash.  Evenings are devoted to more relaxation, maybe by the pool, or at our favorite beach bar. Sometimes we’ll hit the mall, get some tacos or frozen yogurt, enjoy a movie or whatever. One day a week we bowl in a league. Weekends are reserved for fiestas, parties, beach outings, weddings, birthdays… you get the idea.

Back to this particular blog post and the real reason it’s been a long time coming. I’ve really been spending allot of time expanding my social media presence trying to promote my YouTube channel. Up until now, I have only relied on the pure organic growth of my channel, and that has been like taking a slow boat to China. Many YouTuber’s who look at creating content as a business (and the needed income) are really engaged in the practice of WORK’ing at it. Me, not so much (I’m supposed to be retired, remember?). Many of the big players on YouTube have grown their channels through long hours and hard work, have achieved great successes, and that’s commendable. The serious players in the YT scene work hard at growing their Subscriber base by producing allot of content. Some have even purchased substantial subscriber lists that attract even more subs to help them grow. The caveat here is that subscribers only do not drive a channel’s popularity, content does.  Fortunately, I’m in this for the fun of it and not as a way to subsidize my retirement, (thankfully), or I’d be starving. YouTube provides me with a creative outlet (sometimes a corney one) that keeps me busy and my mind active, and that is important for many retirees who need to have an activity to keep from getting bored… and from death.


Hurry Up and Retire?

Shade trees in paradise.

I once read an article written by a Registered Nurse who states that when you retire, you should be careful not to “destress” too quickly. She wrote about how that kills people when they first retire. They go from working like crazy to a dead stop (literally) and that relaxation is what takes them out of this world. She goes on to advise retirees to immediately start planning stuff before they retire and work their way out of stress. I must admit, I planned on destressing as fast as I could when I retired, but it didn’t happen so easily. Planning for a move to the Philippines, and the subsequent move, finishing our home, and settling into it, provided me with plenty of activity, allowing me to ease into retirement. It was when things finally settled down that I had to find my groove. Blogging and vlogging have more than fulfilled the task of keeping me busy when there is otherwise nothing else to do.

So here is where I am at. I’ve decided that since I do enjoy creating content, whether it be written or visual, I will devote more time to growing my online presence. I have taken some steps to help further my efforts, such as upgrading my computer system and video editing software. I have upgraded my camera, and have plans to buy a drone (although it’s been tough to justify such a huge expense and any potential return on that investment). I have tweeked my social media presence, done allot of updating to old posts and videos, and have spent numerous hours on rebranding from “Retired in Samar” to Living in the Pacific,” which just in itself, was really time consuming. And now that I have added a new video editing program to the mix, my free time is dwindling. Just staying abreast of the newest technologies, and recently tackling the steep learning curve with my new editing software, has soaked up allot of my time lately and has drove me to drinking. Er, oh wait… I already did that! Well, at least I’m watching allot less TV. I still need to upgrade some things like I need a larger portable hard drive for all my video files, a back-up hard drive (so I don’t loose all my files like in the past), camera accessories, some new software programs, content subscription services, etc. And nothing is free these days. Little by little I’ve been able to grow, albeit slowly, but now I need to grow faster to help absorb the costs. I get very little help from my subscriber base in the way of donations as I don’t believe in “e-begging” like some creators do. I don’t have a Patreon account nor do I participate in affiliate sales programs. About 99% of the income my sites generate have been strictly from content creation… which shows up as YouTube and Adsense earnings.

Return to Alternate Paradise

Switching from Guam Beer to San Mig!

In less than 4 weeks from now, we will be back home in Samar, and I will need to upgrade my systems there, such as re-establishing internet service as well as computer and software upgrades. It might take me several days to get back in the PI groove as it’s been over a year that we have been gone. I have plans to do some more travel, shoot more video, and crank out some new videos… as fast as life (and the internet) there allows. Thanks for coming along on my journey.

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2 thoughts on “A Return To Alternate Paradise… Now on Instagram!

  1. Hey Randy –

    My name is Shawn, retired Navy Senior Chief…. and yes, you can trust an even numbered CPO 🙂

    I’m 47 now, working as a boiler plant operator at the VA in Portland, OR. Jobs great, people are great, but the weather is killing me. My brothers, nieces and nephews live in Long Beach, CA. (I’m not going back there $$$).

    I lived in Guam three years (prior to my Navy career), and absolutely loved it. I’ve met life long Chamorro friends, surfed my brains out.

    I own my home, not outright, but do have a good amount of equity in it. I take home right around 4K a month w my military retirement and VA disability. I have a decent amount of cash saved, no debt.

    I’m ready to make the move to a simple, and challenging life – live a bit before I get too old to surf. I also am an avid golfer.

    My questions to you is, how we’re you able to live in Guam and PI? Did you purchase a condo in Guam, do you rent? The reason I ask this is because I know I’d like to get out of PI every year or so and take care of any health concerns with the Navy Hospital or the VA CBOC in Guam. I also wanted your opinion on the amount of money I would need in PI… is 4K a month good enough (I know, I know… you probably get asked that quite a bit). Lastly, have you ever been to La Union, Philippines? I’ll be there in a couple weeks to check out Dumaguete, Bohol, La Union and Subic.

    I really enjoy your site, super informative. I appreciate it, as I’m sure a lot of other people do too. Thanks for your time, Shawn

  2. It’s always good to know someone reads and appreciates this site. I seem to have inspired a few people to make the big move but I surely won’t take any blame if things don’t work out! lol Anyway, your income is more than sufficient to live in both places, believe it or not, as long as you don’t live in pure extravagance. I sent you an email explaining some things in more detail. Here’s to the enjoyment of life you have going forward.

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