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It took me a while to get it accomplished, but I seem to have it all set up and running. Finding the right plugin that would allow me to post my YouTube channel as a gallery on the Retired in Samar blog site took me some time to find, and when I did, it was a trial and error process to get it set up and to work smoothly.

I will refer you back to this site’s home page’s Menu Bar, where you will see a new menu item labeled YouTube Gallery. From this link, you can now access all the videos on my YouTube Retired in Samar Channel. Now you never have to leave this site to get all my published information, whether it be written or visual. Within the Gallery, there is also a SUBSCRIBE button provided for your convenience.

Now Vlogging!
Now Vlogging!

Blogger and Vlogger!

I want to thank all my loyal blog subscribers & readers, and my YouTube subscribers & viewers for encouraging me, through your participation, to continue to put forth more content about living in the Philippines. I am thankful for all the kudos and compliments I have received over the years and it especially makes me feel good when I hear from those folks who have successfully made their journey to their chosen paradise, being grateful for the help I provided through information that I shared. There can be no such thing as information overload when it comes to making such a paramount decision to relocate overseas, where research and planning are key.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued patronage and I hope to hear from you soon in the comments sections.

Maraming Salamat Po!

2 thoughts on “A Retired in Samar Merger

  1. Hi Randy,
    A couple of days ago I saw a post in Facebook from another ex-pat that had just returned from BOI main office in Intramuros (Manila) and he said they have changed things again (for the better, FINALLY). He said the form is now only about 1/2 page long, much simpler, and that the whole process is MUCH, MUCH QUICKER. If I remember correctly, he said he was in and out in approximately 1/2 hour.
    Could you ask some others if this correct and let me (and everyone else) know if this is correct?

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