A New Beach Resort in Samar, Philippines

Surprise…A New Beach Resort!

DSCN1782Occasionally I will turn on the TV and switch over our local community channel just to see if I can read anything. Many times the notices are in English so no problem. Last week I noticed an advertisement for employment openings at a new resort that is to open soon just up the coast from where we live. I asked around and my wife and I even took a bike ride to the next large barangay, but nobody seemed to know about it. Then yesterday, my nephew who happens to be gainfully under-employed, popped in for a visit and I asked him how his job hunting was going. His reply “nothing yet uncle.”  I then asked him if he knew about the new resort looking for Bell-Boys (room boys as they are called here) and, like a dog reacting to a Milkbone, he immediately got aroused and replied “no uncle!”  So I asked him if he wanted to take a quick trip up the coast to check it out and, after a quick bite for breakfast, we jumped in the car were off. Shortly thereafter we pulled up to the entrance only to discover the large double gates were closed. Within seconds though, the security guard opened the gates and came out to greet us. He explained that the resort was still under construction and could not be allowed to pass the gated entryway, but that we were welcome to take photos if we liked. So I whipped out the trusty little Nikon “Coolpix” camera and snapped a few quick ones. The guard also informed us that there was beach area for swimming, a swimming pool, cafe, snack bar and guest rooms and cottages for rest and relaxation, all under construction and scheduled to be finished in about a months time.

The Coral Reef Beach Resort

Busy, busy workers
Busy, busy workers

As we stood at the gates, it was clear that this place was a little   beehive of activity – workers moving about around the yard  carrying bags of cement, guys up on scaffolding putting some finishing touches on the snack bar facade, and a few other workers just standing around observing the strange pair of visitors that came to disturb them. Although the place was still under construction, it looked close to being finished and appeared to me to be somewhat contemporary with an invitingly elegant (for this area anyway) design, with the interior of the complex nicely shrouded with tall coconut trees, palms, and other tropical plants and fauna. The size of the resort was difficult to assess simply standing at the entrance, but it did appear rather spacious and with several structures obstructing the view in most directions. Once it opens, the Coral Reef Beach Resort looks to be an inviting place to getaway from it all whether it be a week’s vacation or a little weekend escape in search of some simple relaxation among the palms. Located some 14 kilometers north of where we live, it is actually about 26 kilometers west (north) of Calbayog City. Off the beaten path, it should provide some peace and serenity for those seeking the same. We hope to be visiting soon when it opens late in July of this year (next month).

Spacious Oceanfront Property
Paved parking and steps leading to spacious resort area and oceanfront Property

After my nephew finished talking with the security guard and I was done taking pictures, we got back in the car and headed home. During my nephew’s discussion with the guard, he learned of the possibility of the resort offering employee boarding for those employees that lived some distance, which would give them the option of staying there during scheduled work periods. This was a huge benefit to my nephew as he had earlier expressed his concern about the drive back and forth from the house to the resort costing him about a liter of gas per day (P42 or about .93 cents). He feels he is well qualified for a position as he has previous experience at two other area resorts and has the formal training and TESDA Certification for that line of work. So the plan now was to head to the house, have lunch and then upgrade and prepare his resume for the outlined application process.

So as it all turns out, if he lands this job, it will all because I was watching a Philippines network cable company community channel that had placed an advertisement written in English. There could be odds on this play in Vegas, and in this case it looks like my nephew could be a favorite to win (I don’t think I will be getting a cut though). As we headed on down the road with excitement (each for differing reasons), and just a coconuts throw from the resort, we noticed rather auspicious long driveway cutting off the highway heading down through the jungle towards the ocean. Not being in any hurry (I’m retired, remember?), I turned in and proceeded to drive in to….well… a surprise of a situation – which I describe in complete detail in my follow-up post – “Upgrades in Paradise.”


3 thoughts on “A New Beach Resort in Samar, Philippines

  1. Look forward to seeing pictures of the resort when finished. hope your nephew lands a job with them. and I would be willing to bet your nephew getting a job would be better then any cut.
    I still hope to get over to samar and visit for a couple of days when we get back to sorsogon in october.

  2. The resort looks to be nearly complete and it appears that they are doing some finishing work. It will give me something to do next month anyway. As far as nephew getting his job, I feel he has an excellent chance…I wrote his resume! he he

  3. I know … I know what’s down the road. It’s some paradise being upgraded. I hope that the resorts that are now appearing are better than the ones that are here already. There are only a few that I know of that are decent right now. From what I understand there will be a lot of changes in this city in the next few years. Maybe more and more better resorts will be a part of that.

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